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The Top 10 Benefits of Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne During Summer | Need A Skip Now

The Top 10 Benefits of Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne During Summer

Summer is a busy time in Melbourne, with many people taking advantage of the warm weather to tackle home renovation projects, move house, or clean up their gardens. One essential tool that can make the waste disposal from these projects much easier is a skip bin. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about hiring skip bins in Melbourne during the summer months, including the top 10 benefits, things to consider, and how to find the right skip bin hire company.

1 -Favourable Weather for Filling a Skip Bin

Have you noticed that there are considerably more people doing their outdoor projects in summer rather than winter?  At the same token it is far more pleasant to be outdoors and take all your waste and dump it into a skip bin when it's not freezing or raining.  The good weather also assists with keeping your waste dry and not dribble water everywhere when you go in and out of your house to bring the rubbish out.Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

When the materials are dry, it is so much easier to pack and re-pack your skip bin, especially when trying to fold or flatten your cardboard boxes from your recent house move or trying to level your waste inside the skip bin, to ensure that it is levelled.

2 - Avoid Multiple Trips to the Tip During Heat Waves

There are many benefits to hiring a skip bin in Melbourne during the summer months.  Especially with the recent heat waves across Australian states and in particular Victoria, having a skip bin dropped off in your driveway will prove very convenient in more ways than one.  While a number of Melbournians might have their own trailer or consider hiring a trailer, it is critical to consider dealing with trailers when the summer temperatures soar.  We have done detailed comparison of hiring a skip bin vs taking your trailer to the tip in this article.

2.1 Minimize Your Travel Time When Disposing of Rubbish

Having a Skip Bin dropped off at your door step - saves you time and effort. Rather than making multiple trips to the tip, you can simply throw all your waste into the skip bin and have it collected when it's full. This is especially useful if you're tackling a large home renovation project or moving house.  Battling the traffic on a road and waiting in long queues at the tip and then off loading your trailer manually can have tremendous set backs in terms of time spent disposing of your waste.  Let's not forget the obnoxious smells permeating the waste sorting facilities and what it would be like in the middle of hot summer.

2.2 The Convenience of Mixing Materials in a Skip Bin

Skip bins are also a convenient way to dispose of a wide variety of waste materials, including household junk, general construction waste and green waste. This means you don't have to worry about separating your waste or finding different ways to dispose of different materials, providing that you are not disposing of soil, in which case we suggest to read our article on soil disposal.  Should you be considering going to the tip yourself, some tips only accept a certain type of material, hence you would need to make separate trips to a variety of tips in order to dispose of items, which alternatively could have been all disposed of in one skip bin.

3 - Save Money When Hiring a Skip Bin in Melbourne

While you essentially need to spend money in order to hire a skip bin, by the time you compare all the alternative methods of waste disposal, you will come to the conclusion that hiring a Skip Bin is actually a very cost and time effective exercise.

We have already mentioned in the section above that taking your waste to the tip or various tips will undoubtebly be far more time inefficient, however as a resident - you will be paying retail rates at the tip, meaning the top rate that a retail consumer would pay.  Alternatively, when disposing of waste via hiring a Skip Bin, you esentially disposing of waste at a wholesale rate, as when the Skip Bin Hire company will take your waste to the tip, they will be paying a significantly lower tonnage rate than the retail customer.

As your time equals money as well, instead of taking a few days off to visit the various tips and waste transfer centres, you could continue working at your regular job and leave the waste disposal to the professionals, who are dealing with it on a daily basis.  Not to mention that during January, tips like the rest of the construction industry have limited operating hours and are not always open to public.

4 - Get Priority Customer Service When Hiring Skip Bin During Summer

While during the rest of the year the main customers of Skip Bin Hire companies are builders, landscapers, construction companies and various tradies, during the summer months, in particularly January - Residential Customers are the VIPs!  Take advantage of this time to receive top notch customer service and priority of your bin delivery and pickup times as you are not competing with anyone from the construction industry.Mini Skip Hire

One might wonder why would Construction Industry be prioritised during the rest of the year, the simple answer being is that they are the volume buyer.  Having multiple construction sites, some construction industry customers order up to 10 bins a week, compared to residential customers, who might order 1 bin in 3 years.  Hence when it comes to early morning deliveries, construction customers would probably get morning delivery times first due to their volume buying.

Having said this - we believe that every customer should be a VIP customer, or at least treated like a VIP.  Having analysed the feedback from our residential customers, we can see that the highest level of customer service satisfaction comes from Skip Bin Hire in January, due to complete domination of Residential Customers orders over the construction industry orders.

4.1 What To Look For in Skip Hire Company from Customer Service Perspective

When it comes to hiring a skip bin, good customer service is an important factor to consider. After all, you want to make sure that any issues or questions you have are quickly and efficiently addressed.
A skip bin hire company with good customer service will be:

  • Easy to get in touch with, whether it's by phone, email, social media or online chat.
  • They should also be able to answer any questions you have about their services, including the types of waste they can accept, skip bin sizes, and pricing
  • They will provide clear guidance of what can and cannot be mixed in a skip bin
  • They will keep in constant communication, should you require to extend your skip bin hire or to confirm your bin pickup date
  • They will keep your details in the database in case you will need a replacement bin and not have to ask you the same questions all over again
  • Good customer service also includes being able to accommodate any special requests you may have, such as delivering the skip bin to a specific location or providing a custom quote for your project
  • A company that goes above and beyond to meet your needs is more likely to provide a positive skip bin hire experience overall.

Overall, good customer service is an essential component of a successful skip bin hire experience. It can make the process of disposing of your waste much easier and more stress-free, and ensure that your project runs smoothly.

5 - January is the Most Popular Month for Moving House in Melbourne

January is the most popular month for moving house in Melbourne, Australia, and it's easy to see why. With the summer weather providing warm and sunny conditions, it's the perfect time to tackle a move and start the year off fresh in a new home.

However the real deal breaker here is the summer holidays in Melbourne.  It is every parent's nightmare to be in a the middle of a house move when the school years starts again in February.  Hence a large number of residential leases tend to expire and renew again in January of each year as every parent is driven by the same motivation to avoid distrupting the start of a school year by a house move.

Since recently, most companies have also implemented a compulsory three weeks annual leave for employees, hence creating opportunities for working on your house and garden or utilising this time to orchestrate your house move, to ensure that you don't have to take extra time off later during the year.

While traditionally most families would take off during January to road trips and other summer vacations, the recent consequtive increases in interest rates by the banks have holted holiday plans for many families. This has caused for more families to stay back in Melbourne and continue focusing on their little DIY projects or in some cases it has prompted families to move out of their homes to either downsize or seek cheaper accommodation to deal with the increased cost of leaving, caused in large part by interest rates hikes and general increase in food, fuel and other everyday products.

6 - The Benefits of Involving Kids in Filling Your Skip Bin During Summer

Filling a Skip Bin with KidsThere are several benefits to involving kids in helping to fill a skip bin during school holidays. Not only it will help adults to get the job done faster and find a reason to get your kids away from their "screens" but also:

  • it can teach kids the importance of waste management and recycling. By participating in the process of filling the skip bin, kids can learn about the different types of waste and how they should be disposed of properly
  • involving kids in this activity can help to foster a sense of responsibility and ownership. By being an active participant in family move and waste disposal process, kids can develop a sense of pride in helping to get their house clean and tidy.
  • working together to fill the skip bin can be a fun and enjoyable activity for kids, providing an opportunity for them to bond and work as a team, not only with their parents but also with their siblings and don't forget to invite friends
  • involving kids in filling a skip bin as a family can also have additional benefits: it can be a great opportunity for families to spend time together and bond while working on a practical task
  • it can encourage teamwork and cooperation as everyone works together towards a common goal
  • it can be a way for families to model good citizenship and environmental responsibility for their children
  • by actively participating in waste management and recycling, families can demonstrate the importance of taking care of the planet and preserving natural resources for future generations
  • finally, filling a skip bin as a family can also be a chance for kids to learn new skills and gain practical experience, such as how to safely lift and carry heavy objects, how to sort different types of waste, and how to use tools and equipment.

If the above benefits are not enough, there is also a benefit of your kids getting vitamin D while spending times outdoors, filling a skip bin and also it provides a much needed physical exercise in our way too sedentary lifestyles.


7 - Summer Holidays Provide More Time to Research the Right Skip Bin Hire Company for Your Needs

Whether you are hiring skip bins on a monthly basis or once in a few years - it is important to select the right skip bin supplier for more reasons than one.  This topic deserves a separate blog on its own, however we'll emphasise the main points below.

Selecting a Skip Bin supplier based on price alone - is a very risky business, read all about 7 Risks of Cheap Skip Bin Hire in our previous article.

When hiring a skip bin, it's important to be aware of rogue suppliers who may offer significantly cheaper prices than other companies. These suppliers may dispose of waste illegitimately, such as by dumping it in unauthorized areas or fly-tipping.
Using rogue skip bin suppliers can have serious consequences, both for you and the environment. If the illegally dumped waste is discovered, you may be held responsible and face fines or legal action, as per the recent guidelines by the EPA.  In addition, illegal waste disposal can have negative impacts on the environment and the local community, such as pollution and damage to wildlife habitats.
To avoid using rogue skip bin suppliers, it's a good idea to do your research and choose a reputable company. Look for a company that is licensed and has a good reputation in the industry. You can check online reviews or ask for recommendations from friends or family.

One of the simplest ways to find out about your supplier is to ask them directly: "what happens to my rubbish once it leaves my house"? A legitimate Skip Hire Company will walk you through steps they take to deal with your rubbish.  In a case of our company - Need A Skip Now, we take each and every bin back to our Waste Transfer Station, where we separate and recycle the waste and then take each waste type separately to an approved facility to either further recycle, reporpose or dispose of.

Another sign of a rogue operator is that they will not mention council permits for skip bins, when your skip bin is being placed on a council land, such as nature strip or a road. If you are planning to place your skip bin on a council land, as oppose to your driveway, you will most definitely require a council permit.  You can read all about Council permits in our previous article or you can simply give us a call and we'll give you an immediate quote for your local council.

It's also worth considering that, while it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, a reputable skip bin hire company may offer additional services or higher quality skip bins that are worth paying a little extra for. Ultimately, it's better to pay a fair price for a reliable and legitimate service than to risk the consequences of using a rogue supplier.

8 - Full Availability of Skip Bin Sizes in Summer Months

One of the important benefits for residential customers to order their skip bin in summer is that once again - they are not competing for any bin sizes with the construction industry, who happens to be shut or partially shut down due to summer holidays.6 cubic meters skip bn

While there is a very large range, in which skip bins come, from 2 cubic meters mini skip, all the way up to 31 cubic meters walk in container-like bulk bin, you would be surprised that our builders, landscapers, tradies and various commercial customers, such as factories, like to hold on to a variety of bin sizes, depending on their project needs, waste type or the space available at any given project.

This high demand by the industry and commerce for various bin sizes creates a competition for bin sizes, which can differ every month depending on the most popular bin, which happens to sell out that week or month. 

Regardless of the size and needs of your project - be assured that we will always find the right skip bin size for you, no matter what time of the year, however without a doubt, during January there is always availability for all bin sizes without exception.  If you were wondering what is the most popular bin size across all industries and customer types - it is without a doubt a 6 cubic meters bin.  It has been an absolute best seller month in and out for the last 12 years in business for us. For a detailed explanation of each skip bin size and what it is suitable for, check out our article "What Size Skip Bin Do I Need For My Project". To select the perfect size bin for your project, jump to our Bins page or contact our friendly team.

9 - Longer Skip Bin Hire is Available During Summer Months

While bin hire length will vary from company to company, you will find that due to construction industry being shut during most of January, bin hire companies will have a surplus of bins, which they will be too eager to rent out, hence due to the availability of stock, there is no rush to get the bins back, unlike during the rest of the year.

Christmas holidays and public holidays in January also add up extra hire days in some cases.  It is worthwhile negotating with your skip bin supplier a few extra days if required, to enable you to fill up your skip bin in your own time with no additional stress.

Here at Need A Skip Now, our customers are aware that their basic bin hire covers them between 1 and 7 days of hire, which in most cases is more than enough to fill any size skip bin.  However should our customers be involved in an on-going renovation or other longer term project, where we have to change over bins, we do not charge for extra days bin hire as our way of saying "thank you" to our repeat customers.

10 - Saving Money when Filling a Skip Bin with Dry Materials

Last but not least benefit that comes with summer waste disposal is that you can save significant amount of money, particularly when disposing of soil or other heavy materials, which can be charged by weight.

While all our skip bins up to 12 cubic meters are charged with an up front, no surprises fee, our competitors pricing strategies are quite different.  You will find that most skip hire companies in Melbourne will charge a base fee for any skip bin, however in a fine print it will say that bin is covered only up to a certain tonnage and should this tonnage limit be exceeded on the pickup of bin, you will be charged extra, depending on the weight of the bin.

That's where summer weather comes in.  Filling a skip bin in good, dry weather will ensure that you are only paying for the weight of materials inside your bin and not the extra liquid from the rain.  This can be particularly tricky during winter, when you are loading a skip bin with soil or sand.  Soil, being a porous material, will absorb the water and make your bin twice heavier than it could be during the dry weather, thus cauising you to pay more at the end.

In summary, if you are in Melbourne during summer months and either moving home, clearing your garage or considering some other major decluttering or gardening project, there is no better time than summer to hire a skip bin. Call our friendly team on 1300 605 624 for assistance or securely quote and book your skip bin online via our website.