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How to Compare Quotes for Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne | Need A Skip Now

Compare the Length of Hire

Skip Bin Hire MelbourneBefore you book your skip bin, it is important to ask a few questions from your bin supplier so that you can be assured that you are getting the best possible deal. At Need A Skip Now, we take pride in knowing that our customers are looked after from the moment they book the bin to the moment it is delivered.

One of the first questions to ask, is how long you can keep the bin on site. The duration of time will sometimes depend on if the bin has been left out on a road and has a permit applied. A lot of bin suppliers will only allow 3-4 day skip bin hire before they start charging extra for additional days of hire.

When you book at Need A Skip Now and if you are a builder, landscaper or other trade, we do not have a limit on how long you can keep the skip bin (within reason of course!)

Our residential customers will also be pleased to hear that our bin hire is up to 7 days. This hire cost is all inclusive of delivery, pick up and waste disposal.

Find Out What Waste Types are Allowed

Not all bin suppliers take and dispose of the same waste. For instance, organic waste such as food and/or liquids requires a specific license and therefore it is important to check whether or not your bin supplier has the necessary paperwork to take this waste.

Need A Skip Now has its own waste transfer station and can take many waste types, including: concrete, bricks, soil, green waste, general and mixed heavy builder's waste.

Some waste types that are definetly not allowed in our skip bins are chemicals of any kind, including asbestos and paints. Certain materials such as mattresses and artificial grass are allowed in our bins, but they do incur an extra charge.

Review Customer Service Availability

Upon calling the bin supplier, do you receive a friendly customer service member on the end of the line awaiting to answer your questions? Or is there no customer interaction at all?

We ensure that our customers can reach us via many modes of communication, including booking online via our very easy to use website, by dialling our customer service number (1300 605 624) and speaking with a real person, chatting online or using one of our many social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Some bin suppliers do not allow you to book online prior to filling out a form, wasting precious time as you await a call back from the company. On the other hand, if you book online with us, you can receive an immediate quote with just a few clicks of a button!

Our friendly customer service team is also ready to take your call during extended work hours from 7am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday and 8am - 11am on Saturday.

There are many ways in which you can book a bin with us. If your supplier is only providing you with one mobile number, then generally speaking, you will find it difficult to get through to talk to that one person or you might be waiting quite some time to get a response.

Assess Extra Charges for Various Materials

Skip Bin Hire MelbourneAnother important question to ask is, is if there are any extra charges for throwing out certain materials. A massive perk when you book with us, is that we do not charge any extra for heavy bins from 2m3 all the way through to our 6m3 bins.

Therefore, if you have a heavy bin, we will not charge you for the extra tonnage on the bin sizes mentioned. Some bin suppliers will charge you extra for heavy bins on all their bin sizes.

There are some waste types which are non-recyclable and incur an extra charge for disposal. Mattresses and artificial grass are just two examples of such materials. It is always best to check with your supplier if you are unsure of the waste type you are throwing out so that there are no surprises when it comes to payment time.

Look at Google Reviews for the Supplier

Nowadays Google reviews are just as important as word of mouth. By reading Google reviews and checking if the company has good quality service is a must. A near 5 star rating on Google is also a bonus!

Of course, there may always be a disgruntled customer, however, the majority of reviews should be positive and mention timing, customer service and general remarks about the quality of the overall service provided.

Analyse if the Bin Supplier Recycles your Waste

Did you know that not all bin suppliers recycle waste? There are suppliers that simply take your rubbish to the tip, creating more landfill and waste in the environment.

At Need A Skip Now, we take extra care to recycle waste and ensure that each material is transported to designated facilities that can once again reuse the waste. For instance, we have a metal supplier that takes all of the metal that is found in our bins and is then used to create other items.

Have a look at if the bin supplier rewards their customers for recycling. At Need A Skip Now we offer bin hire in Melbourne which includes bins that are heavily discounted, such as 100% concrete only bins and 100% brick only bins.

Check the Reliability of your Supplier

How can you check for reliability? When you book a bin with us, you will be guaranteed that delivery and pick up will occur on the designated day. There have been horror stories of bin suppliers never showing up for the job, or worse, not coming to collect the bin! To read more about what to look for in a supplier, read our previous article.

A good way to check if you can rely on a bin supplier is through reading reviews online.

Examine the Variety of Bin Sizes

Skip Hire MelbourneDoes your bin supplier have many bins on offer and do they have a dedicated labour force working with them? Some bin suppliers work with residential customers only and may have a small stock selection of mini skips only.

If you are a builder, landscaper or other trade, you may require a larger bin to fit in all your waste. You may also require regular change overs of the bin and need to be assured that the company has enough drivers to make sure that the swap over occurs in a timely manner.

Need A Skip Now has a wide selection of bin sizes, starting from a mini 2m3 meter skip bin all the way through to a massive 31m3 meter hook bin.  To read more about various sizes skip bins and what each bin is suitable for, check out our article on: "What Size Skip Bin Do I Need For My Project".

Whether you have a small or large ongoing project, we can help you. Our friendly customer service team can answer all your questions on 1300 605 624 or you can jump on our website to find out more FAQs about skip bin hire in Melbourne.