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Skip Bin Hire in Mount Waverley Vic 3149 | Need A Skip Now

Need a Skip Now in Mount Waverley

Need a Skip Now has been an established supplier to Mount Waverley customers since 2011. Our customers are far and varied and we pride ourselves on servicing the following types of customers in Mount Waverley:

  • Residential customers, who are simply cleaning out their house or garageskip bin hire mt waverley
  • Renovators or DIY enthusiasts, residential or commercial
  • Builders - either with a single site of multi site projects
  • Landscapers - from small lawn mowing service to full service landscape construction
  • Plumbers - from small plumbing jobs, all the way up to plumbers, who are digging trenches and require bins for soil
  • Demolishers - our most popular bins with them are 21 and 31 cubic meters
  • Commercial businesses, such as: Schools, Offices, Factories for Annual or End of Lease Clean Ups and Warehouses for major clean ups.

Whatever your project is, we will be able to find the right type of bin or bins for you and based on the waste that you are disposing of, we'll be able to advise on appropriate waste type to ensure the best value for money for your project.

Can I Receive Skip Bins During Lockdown

The great news are that you can definitely receive a skip bin delivery during lockdown, in particular if you are working on your residential property.  Cleaning up of your house or garage can continue throughout all the lockdowns, as rubbish needs to go somewhere - skip bin hire is considered an essential service.  One of the challenges for local government during lockdowns is the increase in the illegal dumping.  Hence the use of skip bins ensures that residents are disposing of waste in the most legal and proper way.

One of the other challenges during lockdwons is that tips and landfills are closed to residential customers and are only open to waste removal contractors, such as skip bin hire companies.  Hence during the lockdowns, even if you would normally utilise your trailer or a rented trailer to take the waste directly to the tip, this option is no longer available and skip bin is definitely one of the most attractive options that makes sense financially and timewise.  For a detailed comparison of taking your trailer to the tip vs hiring a skip bin, we've dedicated a separate blog, which you will find very helpful, in particular if you own a trailer, link to that article is here.

Can I put a Skip Bin on a Nature Strip or on a Road

While the most common place for skip bins is the driveway, it is not always possible for a variety of reasons.  Driveway might be brand new and customers prefer to place bin on a road or driveway might be too narrow for a truck to enter or there might be low hanging tree branches above the driveway, preventing the truck from entering.  Whatever the reason is, the next place to consider placing a skip bin is either on a nature strip or on the road.

Any bins, going outside of your property are going on a council land, hence requiring a council permit, in a case of Mount Waverley from a City of Monash city council.  As a registered skip bin supplier, we are registered with your council, as with most City councils of Melbourne, hence we would be organising a council permit on your behalf.  Customers cannot organise their own permits, as the permit holder must be a registered supplier with the council and hold a public liability insurance for a minimum of $10 million.

Unlike some other councils of Melbourne, where you can organise a city council permit in a matter of minutes, City of Monash requires a minimum of 2 days notice when applying for a permit.  Another challenge with the council is that many streets in a City of Monash are not particularly wide and council can easily reject an application placing a bin on a road, particularly larger sizes of bins of 6 cubic meters and up. Our strategy with a City of Monash is that prior to us paying for council permit, we usually give them a call, discuss a particular address and proposed bin placement with a traffic engineer and depending on their recommendation, we discuss the options with a customer.  For instance, if the street is particularly narrow, the council might suggest to place a bin on a nature strip, instead of a road or they might approve only a certain size of bin, to ensure it doesn't obstract the traffic.

How Long Can I Keep the Bin For?

Our standard price covers the bin hire for up to 7 days.  However if you are working on an ongoing project, with multiple swap over of bins, we do not restrict your bin hire time and will only exchange a bin for a new one when you request it. If however your bin is located on a council land, such as nature strip or a road then you are limited by the length of the council permit.  The basic council permit covers you for up to 7 days, therefore should you require to keep the bin for longer than a week, a new permit application and payment will have to be made.  To extend a permit with a City of Monash, we would require a minimum 1 day notice, to ensure the approval by the council is processed. skip bins Mt Waverley

In some cases, where you require a large bin, but the council doesn't allow it to be left on a road, we offer a service, called Wait and Load and if you have hired machinery, such as a loader or an excavator and can fill a bin within an hour, we can wait with the truck while you are loading and remove the bin immediately.  You will therefore not require a council permit and will only pay for our waiting time for you to load the bin.

How Far in Advance To I need to Order a Skip Bin for Mount Waverley

If the bin is going to comfortably fit into your drvieway then we only need 24 hours notice, however due to some bin sizes being very popular, we would encourage you to order your skip bin as early as possible, to ensure the desired bin size is in stock and the time frame of delivery is available.  If however you know that your bin will need to go on a nature strip or on a road then we encourage you to order at least 3 days in advance, to allow time for us to liaise with the City of Monash and sort out the bin size and it's location.

For any other questions on hiring skip bins for Mount Waverley, our friendly customer service team is only a call away on 1300 605 624.  You can also obtain an instant quote and order your skip bin 24/7 via our secure and very easy to use website or you can order the bin over the phone.  We look forward to being of assistance in your next project.