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Skip Bin vs Trailer For Your Soil Disposal in 2023 | Need A Skip Now

Tipping Your Trailer vs Hiring a Skip Bin

Trailer Tipping

If you own a trailer, you might face the dilemma of whether to use your trailer for a particular project's waste disposal, or hire a skip bin. There are a few factors that you must consider when making this decision, such as:

Time availability

Trailer tipping requires a certain amount of time commitment, which involves: loading your trailer, taking it to the tip, often waiting in long queues to enter the tip, offload the waste yourself and then drive back to the project. In circumstances where you are disposing of multiple streams of waste, you might need to visit a few various tips, which specialise in the type of waste that you are disposing of.

If you have sufficient time for that, then trailer tipping is a good option. However, if you are time poor and have more than 1 trailer load of waste, hiring a skip bin would be a better alternative. That way, all you have to do is fill one skip bin and we will take it away, recycle and dispose of your waste accordingly. This will not only save you on time but also on fuel for transportation ... Lets not talk about fuel prices in 2023 ...

Trailer with Soil

Amount of waste

The best use of a trailer is for disposing of a very little amount of waste. If you have less than 2 cubic metres of waste, you will not fill even the smallest skip bin. Therefore if you can quickly fill your trailer instead, trailer tipping is a far better option. This is one of the most compelling reasons to use your trailer rather than hiring a skip, and is particularly attractive to landscapers, builders and fencing contractors who might dig out only 1 cubic metre of soil, load their trailer and be on their way to the tip.

Type of waste that can be mixed in a trailer

Prior to filling your trailer with waste, you need to know exactly where you are taking your trailer to tip and what are the rules of the landfill or waste transfer station for mixed waste. For example, many tips will not accept soil anymore, as this waste type has become highly regulated and they do no want to take responsibility if your soil is contaminated according to the EPA guidelines. Mixing soil with general waste (such as building materials) is one cause of soil contamination, therefore if you mix general waste with soil in your trailer, you will have great difficulty and pay lots of money to dispose of it.

One of the most complicated waste types to dispose of in 2023 is soil, regardless of the quantity that you have. Below is a guideline of what can and cannot be mixed with soil to make sure that your trailer loading is simple and so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

Soil can be safely mixed with concrete, rubble, bricks, green waste and untreated timber. No other waste materials can be mixed with soil.

Cost of waste disposal, location & space on the project siteSkip Bin in Carpark

When considering whether you use your trailer or hire a skip bin, consider the cost of waste for your particular project. For very small quantities of waste such as under 2 cubic metres, given that you have availability of time, using your trailer would be far more cost effective.

Another consideration, is if you have only a small area for waste storage on your project site, then a trailer might be a better option as it takes up little to no space compared with a skip bin.

The location of the project site is another key factor to consider along with the amount of waste that you are transporting with a trailer. If you are only travelling once with your trailer, and the tip you are going to is only a short distance, trailer tipping would work out to be more cost effective, as you take the cost of transportation out of hiring a skip bin. Just remember, you are the one that incurs the transport costs, paying in both your time and fuel. If you have more than one trailer load of waste, or the recycling facility is a fair distance from the project site, think of the time and fuel that those trips to and from the waste facility will cost you.

Exciting News: Need a Skip Now Waste Transfer Station is Now Open to the Public!

We have recently opened up our waste management facility to our customers, to come and tip trailer/car loads of waste in a very easy and convenient manner.

Here's how it works: you load your trailer with the waste at your project site, you drive to our Clayton South facility (located on the Corner of Deals & Fraser Roads, Clayton South ), our friendly staff will meet you, assist and guide you on how to quickly and safely offload your waste, and in a matter of minitues you'll be good to go! Once your waste is in our facility, we will sort and and recycle your waste in the most eco-friendly and legal way possible. You can reach out to us to ask any questions on 1300 605 624 or visit our website for any further information.

Benefits of tipping your trailer with Need a Skip Now


You can dispose of your waste quickly and easily without waiting in long queues, as you would do at other tipping facilities. It is very cost effective as unlike most other facilities in Melbourne, we charge per cubic metre (rather than by tonne). If you bring in your heavy materials such as soil or soil mixed with rubble, as we do not charge by the weight of the waste, your price is fixed per cubic metre and you are not going to be hit with any surprises. This will save you (literally) tonnes!

Environmentally friendly

We sort and recycle all of the waste that comes into our yard, which is evident by our state-of-the-art recycling facility, with the aim of diverting as much waste as possible away from landfill.  To read more about how we deal with your waste, read our previous Blog: Do All Skip Companies Recycle Waste

Exceptional customer service

We highly value our customers' experience. You will always be greated with a smile, with our staff striving to make the experience as fun as possible, providing a very fast, safe and friendly service.

When deciding whether to tip your trailer or hire a skip bin, remember to consider your time availability, the amount of waste, type of waste, cost of disposal, location of the project and space on the project site. At Need a Skip Now, we make the process of hiring a skip bin and tipping your trailer hassle-free.

You can reach out to us on 1300 605 624, or on our social platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. Otherwise, visit our website for more information about our services.