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7 Reasons To Have a Great Relationship with Your Bin Supplier | Need A Skip Now

7 Reasons to Have a Great Relationship With Your Skip Bin Supplier

At Need a Skip Now, we have first hand experience in liaising with customers and have provided a few tips as to what a great working relationship involves.

The reason why we have decided to share these tips is due to an interesting trend we have noticed occurring after the Covid-19 pandemic. A lot of people have become irritable, short-tempered and not so patient as they were before and everyone is blaming covid for this behaviour. This behaviour is not acceptable in any industry or circumstance. Hence, these tips will be able to be applied across a wide range of industries.

1 - What Happens if you Have a Great Relationship With Your Bin Supplier

If you have a fantastic relationship with your bin supplier, they will most likely prioritise you and your jobs over other customers who are maybe not so polite or friendly. An example could be that if you need a skip bin first thing tomorrow morning and we know that you communicate and speak politely to us, then it is just human nature that we would prioritise you and accommodate your needs as much as possible.

2 - Bin Hire May Be Extended

If you have a great relationship with your bin supplier, they will most likely be able to extend the bin hire free of charge. Generally speaking, we allow bin hire from anywhere between 4 - 7 days. However, when customers are nice to us, we are twice as nice back to them and therefore have no qualms with extending your bin hire free of charge.

3 - Special Considerations are Made

When we have an amazing working relationship with you and you have a particular request out of our ordinary business schedule, such as speaking with site contacts at a certain time or you ask us to bring timber to place underneath the bin or any other requests, we are far more likely to accommodate your needs and try our best to meet the request.  For more information of what to look for in a great Skip Bin Hire company, read our latest article, section 4.1: "What to Look For in Skip Hire Company from Customer Service Perspective"

4 - Recommendations and Word of Mouth

Skip Bin Hire MelbourneWhen we have a working relationship built on trust and respect, we are far more likely to recommend you to other suppliers. There are numerous amounts of landscapers, builders and trades that we work with and if anyone asks us if we can recommend a landscaper or other trade, the first people who come to the top of our mind, are our customers who have the greatest relationship with us.

Having a great working relationship will get you recommendations and a more and bigger customer base for your business.

5 - Communication With Your Bin Supplier

When you enjoy dealing with us, then each and every phone call will be like talking to a friend. It will be enjoyable, productive and not stressful. By having a great working relationship with us, you will have a far better interaction when making transactions.

6 - Delays in Payment for Skip Bins

Skip Bin Hire MelbourneFor our customers that work closely with us and have a delay in payment, we are far more understanding and accommodating. These delays can sometimes occur in the building industry and if we already have a great rapport with you, then we would be far more flexible to wait a couple of days for payment rather than someone who does not relate well to us. If you do get into a pickle with payments then you are far more likely to have flexibility with payment if there is clear communication from both parties.

7 - Your Skip Bin Supplier is On Your Team

When we have a great working relationship with you and you are on our team then we will also be on your team!

You can consider us as part of your team and can be assured that the skip bin will be delivered on time by a reliable driver. A skip bin arriving on time is just as important as your own workers arriving on time, therefore, by treating us as part of your team, that will get us working like a team with you. As we all know, we all achieve more as a team.

These tips can be transferred to any other industry and we strongly encourage everyone, next time, before you pick up the phone take a deep breath and decide to be at least 1 percent nicer than you were yesterday and you will see how you can transform your relationships with your suppliers for the better.

Would you like to be treated like a VIP? We treat each customer as a VIP and you are not just a number with us, like you would be when you call the bigger companies. Our customer service team know you by name and the service is more intimate and personal, making dealing with us a very pleasant experience.

You can call our team on 1300 605 624 or book your next skip bin in Melbourne online via our website. We look forward to working with you and your team in the near future.