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Skip Bin Hire in Ormond, Vic 3204 | Need A Skip Now

Need A Skip Now has been delivering Skip Bins to Ormond, Vic 3204 and nearby suburbs of

Bentleigh, McKinnon, Murrumbeena, Caulfield and many more since 2011.  Our customer base in Ormond has been varied and ranged from an on going building projects to simple residential clean ups, to commercial refurbishments and various landscaping projects.

Our company's head office is also located in Ormond, at 578-598 North Road, hence we consider ourselves right at home in Ormond.

Our Skip Bin prices for Ormond Projects are the lowest in our price list, due to Ormond's close proximity to our depot.

The Placement of Skip Bins on Ormond Roads and Nature Strips is governed by the City of Glen Eira and any skip bins which are not in your driveway or on your private property - will require a council permit.

Skip Bin Hire Ormond Area

While in most circumstances Skip Bins can be placed in the driveway, in some cases due to either truck access or some other circumstances, our customers prefer to place Skip Bins on a Road or a Nature Strip.  As a registered supplier with the City of Glen Eira, we will organise a permit for your bin, which can be done on a spot, on a day of bin delivery.  Skip Bin Permit Cost varies every year, in 2020 Financial year - the cost is $98.60 per permit, which covers you for up to 7 day bin placement on council property.  Should your project take longer than 7 days then we will organise an additional permit.

Another reason why some residents might choose not to use their driveway for skip bin is due to either - having a brand new driveway or a very heavy bin, which is full of soil, bricks, concrete or the like.  While our drivers take all the precautions to protect your driveway, such as placing timbers under the bin, we will ultimately be guided by our customer's wishes and requests.

Commercial, Construction & Domestic Skip Bin Hire Ormond

We service a range of customers, including: builders, plumbers, landscapers as well as construction workers. Not only do we service commercial and construction sites but residential properties too.

Whether you are doing a small tidy up of the garage, are moving homes or even interstate - we have the right bin size for you! Our bins range from a 2 cubic metre skip all the way through to a massive 31 cubic metre that can help dispose of accumulated waste over the years. Need A Skip Now provides Skip Bins for Hire from 2m3 to 31m3. All Melbourne skip bins from 3m3 and up to 31m3 have doors and are "walk in" bins.The doors to these bins can also turn into a ramp, hence, making it easy to wheelbarrow any waste straight into the bin.

Skip Bin Hire Ormond Prices and Sizes

We offer a large range of skip bin sizes to our Ormond customers, from our smallest 2 cubic meters mini skip all the way up to 31 cubic meters bulk Skip Bin Hire Ormondwalk in bins.  Prices of the bins will depend on your bin size and the materials you will put into them.  The fastest way to get a skip hire quote for your specific bin size and waste type is to scrol to the top of this page and select your preferences.  Otherwise, our friendly customer service will be able to give you a quote on a spot if you call us on 1300 605 624 Monday to Saturday.

Selecting a Bin Size can be a tricky business if you've never ordered a Skip Bin before.  There are a few ways to estimate what bin size you might need, one of which is by piling up your rubbish in one place and visually assessing it against our guide to Bin Sizes.  As Volume of Cubic Meters is calculated by multiplying Width by Length by Height, hopefully you could measure the pile of your rubbish by using this formula.  If all else fails, we recommend to call our friendly team and we'll be able to assist you over the phone.

What Happens to My Rubbish Once It's Picked Up From My Place

We are happy to confirm that we operate a full scale Waste Transfer Station, where each and every bin from our customer's sites is taken. With a heavy investment into machinery and waste processing equipment, we recover as much material and divert 80%+ of waste away from landfill. The great news for our customers is that as a result of recycling, we are able to pass the savings back to our customers by offering deeply discounted bins on the following materials:

  • 100% Soil Bins
  • 100% Bricks Bins
  • 100% Timber Bins
  • Soil / Bricks / Concrete Bins
  • 100% Metal Bins
  • 100% Paper / Cardboard bins

What am I Not Allowed To Place Into Skip Bin

For our customer's convenience, we have a full list of items, which are not allowed to be placed in the bin, which are all listed in our Waste Types Page.  In a broad sense, it includes but not limited to food, any types of liquids, chemicals and explosive materials.  In addition, there are items, which can be placed in a skip bin but will incur additional charge, as they are completely non-recyclable and the landfill charges us per item.  Most typical items in this category are mattresses and tyres and all the extra charges for these items are itemised in our Waste Types page on our website.  Should you have an item that you feel might not fit into any category, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 1300 605 624 and we'd be able to clarify whether it can be placed into a bin or disposed in some other way, like contacting your local council or specific waste collection services.

Can I Order a Skip Bin for Ormond During Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne

The simple answer is - YES, as Skip Bin Hire falls under the Waste Collection and Recycling Services and is an essential service, which continues operating during Stage 4 and other stages of lockdown in Melbourne.  During Stage 4 Lockdown, residents are not permitted to enter the landfills or tips, hence Skip Bin Hire is the only remaining avenue of rubbish disposal from your domestic or commercial premises, as its also the only way to prevent illegal dumping.

We are here for any questions on 1300 605 624 and whether you call or quote and book your skip bin online, we look forward to speaking to you soon!