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Welcome to Mordialloc Skip Bin Hire, our favourite suburb as that's where we have our waste transfer station and sort out all the waste that we collect in Skip Bins from our Melbourne Customers.

Skip Bin Hire Mordialloc - The Recycling Difference

Did you know that not every skip bin provider recycles the waste collected in skip bins and some just take it straight to the tip? We are proud to confirm that all the bins without exception are taken to our recycling depot first, properly sorted, separated and a team of machine operators and labourers are tirelessly working Monday to Friday under all whether conditions to ensure that we recover as much as possible of a recyclable material and only complete non-recyclables are taken to the landfill.


To summarise, the following products are recycled and are given a second chance at life:

  • Timber (sorted into Grade A – Hardwood and Grade B Pine Wood)
  • Soil (sorted, cleaned and ready for further processing)
  • Bricks (whole bricks can be reused at building sites, broken bricks used as a road base materials)
  • Concrete
  • Green Waste
  • Plastics
  • Metal (carefully separated into various types of metal, such as Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Cables) and taken to appropriate facilities
  • Cardboard – separated and taken to paper recycling plant

The way our customers can assist us with recycling is to always advise us in advance, what goes into their bin, hence when the bin arrives back to us, we can tip it in the appropriate bay for separation.  As a reward to our customers for advising us correctly, we can price the bin accordingly, for example, we have discounted prices for 100% soil bins only or 100% concrete bins or brick bins or metal bins and so on.

We take recycling process very seriously and our facility boasts a variety of plant and machinery, together with a dedicated team on site who work in any weather condition Monday to Friday and sometimes weekends to ensure all the waste brought in is properly separated and recycled. 

Skip Bin Sizes and Prices in Mordialloc, Vic 3195

As the nearest suburb to our recycling yard, Mordialloc customers enjoy the lowest Skip Bin prices that we can offer in the area, due to the proximity to our base. The longer we have to travel away from our base the more transport fees will be included in the price to cover for citylink and other variables.  Mordialloc customers benefit from an immediate proximity to our depot when it comes to delivery, pickup or swap over of bins.  If you happen to require a same day service in regards to your skip bin hire, then more likely than not we will be able to accommodate your request.

All Skip Bin Sizes can be delivered to Mordialloc, Vic - your only limit is the length and space of your driveway or the amount of rubbish that you need to dispose of.  We offer a large range of Skip Bins, from mini skips of 2 cubic meters, all the way up to 31 cubic meters bulk walk in containers and everything in between.  Our best seller and most popular bin size in all the times is 6 cubic meters bin, which can fit into all driveways.

Jump onto our Website to find the right size Skip Bin for your project or call our friendly team on 1300 605 624 for assistance, we are here from 7am and love to help out.

Where Can I Place My Skip Bin

Provided that you have a wide enough entrance to your property, most mini skips can fit into a standard driveway, which is at least 2.8m wide.  If your driveway is not too new, then most bins up to 6 cubic meters will be fine to place there, don't forget to ask our drivers to place timbers under the bin.  However, if your driveway is brand new or is exposed aggregate, you need to take extreme care and consider carefully whether to place bin there or perhaps on a nature strip or a road.Skip Bin Hire Mordialloc, Vic 3195

Any heavy bins from 6 cubic meters and above, for example filled with soil, bricks, concrete and the like, have the propencity to potentially damage your driveway.  Hence if we are talking about 10 cubic meters hook bin full of soil, it is prudent to consider placing it on a road and paying for council permit, thus ensuring that your driveway's strength is not tested unneccesarilly.

If you do decide to place a skip bin on a road, we are here to assit you with a council permit.  The governing council of Mordialloc is City of Kingston and as a registered skip bin provider with Kingston, we organise permit on your behalf.  As councils change their permit fees every financial year, we will advise you the current permit fee at the time of your skip bin booking.

How To Book a Skip Bin for Mordialloc, Vic 3195

Booking a skip bin has never been easier.  You can either do it online via our friendly website or by giving our friendly team a call on 1300 605 624.  Ideally we need at least 24 hours notice in order to accommodate your desired time frame of skip delivery and also to ensure the skip size is in stock.  However if you have a unplanned emergency and need bin on a day, we encourage you to call our office, we are open from 7am and place skip order for the same day.

We are here for any questions and whether you've never ordered a skip bin in your life or have ordered 100s of skips for your various building sites, we are totally set up to help regardless the size of your project.  Give us a go and experience a suburb customer service of our Need A Skip Now team!