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Welcome to Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne, Vic 3000 where we have been delivering Skip Bins since 2011.  Whether you are searching to order a Skip Bin for Melbourne CBD, post code 3000 or any other Melbourne Suburb, we've got you covered.  We will answer most commonly asked questions below, which apply to Skip Bin Hire in any suburb of Melbourne.  However, if you have a specific question about your suburb, we suggest to contact us and we'll be more than happy to explain everything in detail.Skip Bin Hire

What You Need To Know When Ordering Your Skip Bin

Whether you are booking your skip bin online via our friendly website or ordering over the phone, we would ask you the following questions:

  • what suburb you are ordering for
  • dates of skip bin delivery and pickup
  • what waste type you are disposing of (this is very important as nominating the correct waste type will ensure that you get the correct price for the bin).  If not sure which waste type to select, please check our Waste Type Guide or call our friendly team on 1300 605 624 for an advice.
  • What Size Bin do you need (this can either be very easy, if you are ordering skip bins on a regular basis and know exactly what you need or this can be hard, as most of our customers, even the most experienced builders, tend to underestimate the bin size they need).  One of the easier approaches is to check out our Bin Sizes Page, where you will find diagrams of bins with the respective dimensions for each size and corresponding prices.
  • Placement of the Bin - do you have sufficient space in your driveway or does the bin need to go on a road?  If not sure, its best to call our friendly team and discuss and we'd be able to advise you.  When bins go on a road - council permit fee will apply, however we take all the hassle out of this process, as we are registered supplier with most of Melbourne's councils and will organise everything for you.

Placing Skip Bins on a Road in Melbourne CBD

If you require a Skip Bin in actual Melbourne CBD, Vic 3000 then it is governed by the City of Melbourne.  As most of our customers in Melbourne CBD are either commercial customers or builders working on renovation or fitouts, most bins in the City of Melbourne are required to be placed on a council land, such as Road or a laneway.  According to local laws, any bins placed on a council land, require a permit from the council.  An exception to this is would be an availability of a private car park or some space, which is on a title of your property, which is highly unusual for the Melbourne CBD.

The good news is that if you do require a permit, as a registered supplier with a City Council, we will organise a permit for you in no time, thus taking the hassle out of your skip ordering process.  Cost varies depending on the number of days that you require a permit for, hence to get an exact quote, please contact our office.

Not obtaining a permit for a bin on a road is extremely dangerous as City of Melbourne is extremely vigilant and a minimum fine issued for any bin without a council permit is $1,000, which is obviously not worth the risk.

If you require a skip bin permit for any other suburbs of Melbourne, we suggest to always contact us for a quote, as each City Council has their own rules pertaining to bins placements.  The rules vary not only in regards to prices and number of days allowed but also some councils allow placements on both nature strips and roads, while others only allow placement on a road, with certain conditions attached.

Melbourne Skip Bin Prices and Sizes

We offer all skip bin sizes from a mini skip of 2 cubic meters, all the way up to a bulk bin of 31 cubic meters and everything in between.  Traditionally, our best seller has been a 6 cubic meters bin, popular with both builders and residential customers.  However the size of the bin will depend on the volume of your waste and if you having trouble estimating the correct size, we'd be able to help you over the phone.

Commercial Skip Bin HireWhile Melbourne CBD doesn't have limitations on any bin size placement, some other councils might present limitations.  One such example is a City of Boroondara, which only allows bins on a road of up to 1.5m high.  That means that if you need to place a bin on a road, you can only order up to 6 cubic meters marell bin, which fits into this height restriction or for any larger sizes, you'll need to order hook bins, which are low sided rectangular bins and some will fit under 1.5m high.  If however you are placing a bin on your own driveway in a City of Boroondara then no height restrictions will apply.

Some other councils, such as City of Monash and City of Bayside will review which streets you are placing bins on, as some streets are particularly narrow, which might mandate the placement of a bin only on a nature strip and so on.  To ensure that the bin ordering process is seemless and easy for you, we liaise with council on your behalf and organise absolutely everything to do with your permit.

What Affects the Price of a Skip Bin

The Price of your Skip Bin will depend on the following factors:

    • Skip Bin Size - while smaller bins are cheaper than larger bins, the higher you go in bin size, the more value per cubic meter you derive.  Therefore if you are unsure whether you need a 4 cubic meter mini skip or a 6 cubic meters, we recommend to go for 6 cubic meters as it works out cheaper per cubic meter.  In addition, if you've ordered a 4 cubic meters and then realised that you need to order another 2 cubic meters mini skip, 2 bins will be more expensive instead of one 6m bin, as there is a transport component in each bin price.
    • Waste Type - some waste types are cheaper than others, as we recycle your waste and are able to pass on the discounts to our customers on recyclable waste.  Examples include: bin for 100% timber will be cheaper than a Mixed Heavy Bin, as timber is a single material, where we don't need to separate it from other materials and hence less labour is going into dealing with this waste type, hence savings.

  • Your Suburb - the location of your suburb will also affect the price of the bin, as if you are only 5 minutes away from our depot, the transport cost will not be as much as if you are 70 kilometers away from us, hence all the factors are being considered in our online quoting system, where you can obtain the price of your bin in a matter of seconds and then book it either online 24/7  or over the phone with us during business hours.

In Summary, whether you need to order a Skip Bin for Melbourne CBD or any other suburb of Melbourne, we are here to help.  With over 10 years of servicing Melbourne customers from residential to landscapers to builders, demolishers and concreters, we are equipped with expertise, large selections of bins, various sizes trucks and our own waste transfer station to ensure that your waste management is as simple as seemless and done with a smile.