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Welcome to Skip Bin Hire in Hawthorn, Vic, 3122 - a home to a famous Glenferrie Road, with its bustling retail and hospitality, acclaimed night life spots, trendy bars and an abundance of coffee shops.  Let's not forget the local focal point of Swinburne University, which has attracted not only local but a miraid of international students and visitors alike.

Where Can I Place A Skip Bin in Hawthorn

While most customers would prefer to place their bins on their property, Hawthorn being a suburb, dominated with an older architecture, tends to present some driveways, which are too narrow for truck to enter.  Most bins are under 2m in width, hence will fit in any driveway, however it's very important to consider the width of the truck, when deciding where to place a bin.

Should your driveway not be suitable for a truck entrance, the other option is to place a skip bin on a road.  The suburb of Hawthorn and Hawthorn East are governed by the City of Boroondara and the current local laws only allow placements on a road and not on a nature strip.  Any skip bins being placed on a council property - require a council Permit.  We, as a skip bin supplier are a registered supplier with the City of Boroondara and will apply and obtain a permit on your behalf.  The cost of the Skip Bin Permits changes every financial year from 1st July, we can provide here an example of 2020 prices, which will be valid until 30th June 2021.  The council gives an option of 1-3 day permit, with a cost of $82.75 or a 7 day permit, at a cost of $119.60.  Please note that day of delivery and day of skip bin pickup are also counted, therefore an example of 1-3 day permit would be: Delivery of a Skip Bin on Monday and Pickup on Wednesday.

What Size Skip Bin Can I Place in Hawthorn

Should the skip bin be placed on your premises - i.e. your driveway, office car parking spot or your building site - you can have any size bin from our Skip Bin Hire Hawthornextensive range, from mini skip of 2 cubic meters all the way up to 31 cubic meters.  However, should the skip bin be placed on a road, even though you will have a permit to place a bin, the City of Boroondara has issued a height limit of 1.5m high on bins on a road. Therefore, from mini skips range - you can place bins from 2 cubic meters up to 6 cubic meters on a road.  If you require anything larger than 6 cubic meters, your option will only be hook bins, as they are lower sided and rectangular, as oppose to marrell bins, which are more narrow and high sided. 

If you are faced with a dillemma of which size Skip Bin you might need, please refer for guidance and dimensions to our Bin Sizes page.  As can be seen from the dimensions of the larger bins, if your bin needs to be placed on a road, to fit under the 1.5m height clearance rule, you can still have either 8m3 hook bin, 10m3 hook bin or a 12m3 hook bin, which are all 1m high.  For any consultation on bin sizes and materials in the bins, we invite you to contact our friendly team on 1300 605 624 who will be able to help you choose the right waste type and skip size for your project.

How Much Is It To Hire a Skip Bin to Hawthorn

The price of bin hire depends on a number of variables, mainly: bin size and the type of waste you are putting into it.  To generate an instant Skip Hire Quote, scroll to the top of this page and select your waste type, delivery & return dates and click "show bin prices" to see all bins available and prices next to them.  Our prices already include 7 days hire in them, however when our customers have some project delays and call us to extend a hire by a couple of days - we usually extend it, subject to stock availability.

As we run our own Waste Transfer Station, all the waste from skip bins is taken back to our depot and carefully separated and recycled.  Hence we are able to pass on the savings back to our customers, by offering discounts on recyclable types of waste, such as:

  • bins for 100% soil
  • bins for 100% timber
  • bins for 100% metal
  • bins for 100% cardboard
  • bins for 100% concrete and other waste combinations.

It is very important to choose a correct type of waste that you are disposing of and if not sure - give usSkip Bin for Concrete in Hawthorn a call as some heavy waste types, such as soil, concrete, bricks are not suitable for very large bins, due to Vic Roads regulations on the road.  Therefore we would recommend a maximum of 10 cubic meters hook bin for any extra heavy materials, to ensure that truck can lift the bin once its full.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Order a Skip Bin

There is no such thing as ordering too early, but there is a thing of ordering too late.  We recommend to order a bin a minimum of 24 hours prior to delivery, to ensure that it gets into the next day's delivery schedule.  However during the busy summer months or around public holidays, we recommend to get in earlier, as some bin sizes tend to completely sell out.  If your project is time sensitive, for example - if you have builder or tradies starting at 7am in the morning, we always recommend to order a bin for the day before, to ensure that bin is awaiting your tradies and not the other way around.

In regards to picking up a bin - we always call our customers 24 hours prior to scheduled pick up date to ensure that they have finished working with the bin and no further extensions are required.  We would also check with you in regards to access to the bin, if there are any gates or any other logistical matters pertaining to bin pickup.

Need a Skip Now has been servicing Hawthorn and the surrounding suburbs since 2011 and are a trusted supplier in the area.  For any questions or assistance with the waste management for your project - give us a call on 1300 605 624.