Refund Policy will issue you with a refund (minus processing fees and / or transport fee where applicable) in the following circumstances:

  1. – where a skip bin order has been cancelled by the customer at least 48 hours prior to delivery (refund is full fee less $8.50 processing fee)
  2. – where a truck cannot fit into a warehouse (full fee less transportation fee $110 and processing fee $8.50)
  3. – where a skip bin cannot be delivered due to bins out of stock and no alternative sizes available or due to truck breakdown and inability to deliver a bin on a booked day or the following day (full fee refund)

In the event where NeedASkipNow supplier cannot fulfill your order due to the above mentioned or other circumstances, the refund will be processed on the next business day where your order was fully paid for. Please note: where a skip bin Permit has been applied for and bin has been cancelled thereafter, most City Councils will not refund a permit fee. We will attempt to request a refund on your behalf at our admin hourly rate of $25 however from experience it is very difficult to recover Council Fees.