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Is your Waste Going To The Right Place?

Dear Customers

In the recent publication by the EPA, titled: "Hiring a Skip Bin", they emphasised the importance of paying Due Dilligence when selecting a company to deliver and pickup your skip bin and to dispose of your waste.

While most of the unaware consumers occupy themselves with only the question of price - during the bin quotation process, in view of the increasing cases of the Illegal Dumping of Residential and Construction Waste, the EPA is now putting an onus on the consumer to do a research of a reputable company, wBricks Recyclilng at Need A Skip Now Waste Transfer Stationhich can prove that their waste will be disposed of appropriately.

The situation with Illegal Dumping is further exacerbated by the increasing costs of taking the rubbish to the landfills and an estimated $30 million per annum cost for councils to clean up the illegally dumped Residential and Construction Waste.  The following questions are recommended by the EPA when selecting a bin hire company:

  • What does your company do with my waste?
  • After my waste is collected - where is it taken?

Following is the advise of the EPA- in order to stop illegal waste dumping:

  • be wary of skip bin providers, who offer very cheap quotes for waste removal
  • be wary of any truck movements in the middle of the night
  • report suspicious activites, where waste is being stock piled in the warehouses and commercial properties
  • beware of any skip hire companies who cannot answer the question of where your waste is going

As most of our customers are aware - Need A Skip Now operates its own Waste Transfer Station and when you order your Skip Bin with us - you can rest assured that your waste is being properly separated and properly recycled and disposed of at very competitive prices and with a great customer service to top it all off :-)

Should you have any questions about what happens to your waste when you order a skip bin from Need A Skip Now - please don't hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 1300 605 624!