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Why Pay For City Council Permits for Skip Bins

You order a skip bin, which costs you a few hundred dollars and then in some cases you might be required to pay extra for a City Council Permit.  While most customers don't have a problem with that, some customers get very annoyed and in some cases feel that it's not fair, dishonest, not necessary and generally a rip off!!

Let's demystify the City Council Permits.  I will answer most commonly asked questions, relevant to Permits in Melbourne, Australia:

Q1 - Why would I need to obtain a permit?

A1 - If you live in an apartment, a Unit, or have a limited / narrow access to your driveway, where the truck can't drive in - then you might be required to have the skip bin positioned on your nature strip or on the road - next to your property.  Once the bin is positioned outside of your property - it is considered to be on a city council land and will therefore require a permit obtained.


Q2 - How much is the City Council Permit in Melbourne?

A2 - Each City Council in Melbourne has their own pricing structure, which varies and depends on a number of variables: some councils charge a flat fee for a week, while others charge per day, plus an application fee, yet others might charge per 3 days intervals.  The fee may range from $79 (ex. GST) from the City of Port Phillip - for one day hire to $179 (ex. GST) (from the City of Bayside for a week's hire).

Q3 - Do I have to pay GST on a Council Permit?

A3 - While City Councils don't charge GST on permits, when the permit is being obtained for you by your supplier, you will be charged GST by that supplier, as he is providing a service of obtaining a permit for you (this is in accordance with the Australian Taxation Office guidelines).

Q4 - What happens if I refuse to pay for a permit?

A4 - Most responsible suppliers simply will not deliver a bin without a permit.  If you get "lucky" then some suppliers might agree to do that, however at their own risk.  The risk is not limited to the two factors below:

a) a bin placed on a council property, without a permit will attract a fine (up to a $1000, in some cases more)

b) a bin placed on a council property without a permit might be towed away by some councils

In summary - City Council Permits are the "necessary evils" which in some cases we can't do without.  If you really need a skip bin and have absolutely no ability to provide either a driveway or some other space within your property then you are better off obtaining a permit, rather than exposing your skip bin supplier to an unnecessary risk.

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