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What Can't I Put Into The Skip Bin? | Need A Skip Now

One of the most frequently asked questions is

What can't I put into the Skip Bin

What you can and can't put into your Skip Bin, depends on what type of Waste of Bin you have ordered.Green Waste Bin

If you have ordered a General Waste bin - then you can't put any Building and / or Renovation Materials.

If you've ordered a Green Waste bin - you can really put only Green Waste, no soil and no general or mixed heavy rubbish

If you've ordered a Mixed Heavy Waste bin - you can pretty much put anything you like, apart from the common restrictions, which apply to all types of bins, being:

 - no Asbestos

 - no Chemicals

 - no Food Items

 - No flammable materials (inclusive of Wet Paints)

 - No Liquid Waste

 - No Tyres (unless you've paid for them) - from $35 per tyre if off the rim

 - No Mattresses (unless you've paid for them) - from $25 for single mattress

For a complete guidance of what you can and can't put into a skip bin, please visit our Waste Types summary.

As an oversimplified guide:

For Green Waste only - order a Green Waste Bin

For Renovations / Building / Landscaping Projects - order Mixed Heavy Waste Bin

For Households clean up, Factories, End of Lease, Home or Office Moves - order General Waste Bin.

For an instant Bin Quote & Booking, please click here or for more information of what you can and can't put into the bin, please contact us on 1300 605 624.

We Look forward to delivering your next Skip Bin in Melbourne!