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Wait and Load Skip Bin Hire Questions & Answers

Dear Customers

We would like to explain the concept of Wait and Load when it comes to Bin Hire.  When you faced with the following situations, such as:

  • No space to place a bin on your property
  • No space to leave the bin on a busy street
  • Your Building Site is expecting deliveries and can't leave the bin overnight
  • You have a large machinery available, which can load the bin within 30 minitues or under an hourWait and Load Skip Bin Hire

If you meet any of the above criteria - you might like to consider a Wait and Load Option for your Bin Hire.  What is means is that our Driver will arrive your site and instead of leaving the bin there - he will place a bin on the road or wherever you require it and your machine operator or a team will fill the bin on a spot - within an hour is the average waiting time.

The difference it can make is that it only costs $40 of waiting time to fill the bin within half an hour or $90 for an hour, compare that to $181.20 of Bayside City Council Permit if you leave the bin on a road. It is also a matter of convenience of having your site clear for any other deliveries if the bin will occupy important space there.  This option is ideal for customers who have machinery on site and need to fill the bin immediately, have the bin collected and continue working on your project.  We have also found that this option is very important for customers who have limited to very tight access to their sites, where trucks cannot physically enter and Wait and Load becomes the only option in these circumstances.

To discuss if Wait and Load Skip Bin Hire is the most suitable option for your project - please don't hesitate to contact the friendliest skip bin hire team in Melbourne - we are reachable on 1300 605 624 from 7am Monday to Friday and from 8am on Saturday!