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The Benefits of Spring Cleaning In Melbourne During COVID | Need A Skip Now

Dear fellow Melbournians

We welcome Spring 2020, even though we are still in partial lockdown.  Usually during this time of year, many households get into the rejuvenating task of Spring Cleaning.  During our current lockdown, we have noticed that customers are getting into spring cleaning with even more viggor and determination as it helps to have a clean house and garage, when you are spending more time at home than ever before.

We have asked our customers for some tips and perceived benefits of Spring Cleaning, particularly if you are lacking motivation or drive, we hope that after reading this fun article, you will find the will and extra motivation to roll up your sleeves and just go for it!

Spring Cleaning - More Than Just Physical Benefits

According to our friend Natasha P. an interior designer in Melbourne, spring cleaning can restore you and give you an uplift in energy.  By clearing out junk and unwated items - you are creating a "space" for new ventures.

In addition to your Spring Cleaning, you can also consider "Space Clearing" - which is a Feng Shui concept, described as: clearing the space on an energy level.  It is an ancient art, practiced in many cultures, from India and Bali, from Peru to Morocco and of cause with the readily accessible information via Internet, you will find that people in most corners of the world have heard of or have practiced Space Clearing for their home or business.  Space Clearing is usually done by an expert or if you would like to become an "expert" yourself, you can read up a lot of readily available info online and attempt it in your own home.  Space Clearing is usually done with a strong intent to bring about change in a particular area of your life and should only be attempted if you are ready for change.Garage Clear Out

Space Clearing is however a different concept from Junk Clearing and usually Junk or Clutter Clearing is recommended first, to make "space clearing" easier, more effective and less time consuming. According to a very interesting article by Karen Kingston, clutter clearing is not a one time event but should be done repetitively over a period of time, to keep the things around you current and up to date with who you are and where you are headed in life.

Letting Go Of Junk

Part of the Spring Cleaning and Junk Clearing process is also phsycological, as it doesn't just revolve around scrubbing your floors and walls.  A large part of the Clutter Clearing is  - LETTING GO OF STUFF.  This is more phsycological than anything else, as we tend to accummulate stuff, like clothes, shoes, slippers, art works of your kids, gadgets, some broken objects, which you cannot part with and many other examples.  Give those shoes that you've had for years but never got to wear to the Opp Shop or a friend.  For someone else, it could be a vintage find and they will love them.

From a spiritual perspective, everything has energy and unloved or less loved items should be donated to make room for new and fresh items - for new beginnings.

Accummulation of junk doesn't only rob you of space but can also affect your mood and overvall energy in your home, office or garage.  In some extreme cases, accumulating junk can attract rodents, insects and other unwanted visitors, as junk can be used as building materials for your unwanted invaders. In some people, accumulation of junk sometimes is a manifestation of phsycological trauma and can lead to condition, called hoarding, which requires medical intervention.

Mini Skip HireThere are various scales of junk clearing, from getting rid of some old food containers in the kitchen, to a full blown out storage or garage clearing out, which will have you chucking more stuff than you can fit into your council bin.  In this case, you might need to consider a mini skip, to ensure that all the junk you have finally decided to part with, will leave your property entirely.  The size of the skip bin will depend on the size of your project, hence once you decide which areas you are clearing, you can give our friendly office a call on 1300 605 624 and discuss the right size bin for you.

As hard as it might be to just LET GO of some stuff, ask yourself a question: have I used it in the last 12 months? If the answer is - No, then you have to let it go.  If the item is in good condition, you can give it away, take to donation bins or even attempt to sell on Ebay or Gumtree, however you need to let it go.

Invite the Spring In

Spring is also a beautiful time to bring the outdoors in.  Bits of greenery, a branch a bouquet of flowers from the outdoors will invite the spring inside your home.  It will have a particular effect once your cleaning and clearing of junk is done and decorating with flowers and other greenery will add much needed rejuvenating spring energy and will give you an immense pleasure.outdoor spring cleaning

Powerful results can occur when physical changes to your house are combined with strong intention and proper motivation.  The results are transformative and it all starts with a humble spring clean.

Hold an intention while you are doing your Spring Cleaning and the results will follow.  The act of spring cleaning will pull on your heart strings and make you house-proud, turning your environment into a beautifully loved home.

In conclusion, this 2020 Spring has never been a better time to undertake such a project as being in Victorian Lockdown provides with more spare time, which is otherwise occupied by social engagements or other community, family or sporting activities.  By immersing yourself if the project of Spring Cleaning and perhaps even Space Clearing as an added bonus, will transform not only your home environment but will have positive effects on your mood, ambience of your home, better energy flow and higher enjoyment of life.

We are here to suppport you with any waste removal as a result of your brave project and are available Monday to Saturday to answer any questions on 1300 605 624.  Happy Spring Cleaning 2020!