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Skip Bin Hire For Soil in Melbourne

Dear Customers

It is the time of the year when many of our fellow Melbournians are getting out of the winter rut and finally starting to work on their gardening or landscaping projects.  At the same time - a large proportion of our building customers are finishing their building sites before the end of the year and are also commencing the gardening projects.  Whatever the stage of your project is or maybe you are still at the project conception idea, during this time of the year there is a lot of movements of soil or dirt, both to and from the building or residential sites.

Whether you are working on a simple backyard clean up project or digging out a swimming pool or filling an old swimming pool with soil or at a stage of site levelling or excavating - the movement of soil - in and out of your project is inevitable.

The question then comes up of: how to dispose of the soil / dirt from your project in the most time efficient and budget efficient manner.

When it comes to soil / dirt disposal, not all soil is equal.  The quality and composition of the soil and consequently the cost of the disposal will depend on where the soil is coming from and what it was mixed with or came in contact with. For example: for large building or industrial site excavations, with large volumes of soil being taken out of the premises - it will be necessary to obtain a soil test - prior to organising a soil transfer as per the requirement from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The purpose of the Soil Test it to ensure that Soil is Not contaminated and cSoil Recyclingan be safely transported to our recycling yard for further recycling and processing.  Potential sources of soil contamination include oil and fuel, such as diesel from old industrial sites.  Such contamination will be apparent from a visual inspection after turning over the soil with a shovel or equivalent.  At the same time - soil from domestic projects, such as a house demolition, renovation or landscaping is also a potential contamination source and should be approached with the same methodology as the soil from the industrial sites.

It is very common that when we do post-demolition site clean up and levelling - that we find asbestos in the soil.  In this case - an asbestos removal contractor will be engaged and such contaminated soil will be far more costly to dispose of, compared to the relatively clean soil.

The question remains: what are the chances of my soil being contaminated?  The original source of incoming soil will sometimes indicate the likelyhood of chemical contamination, for example - soil being excavated from old industrial sites, that utilised heavy machinery or stored chemicals or operated from the unsealed site, will have a higher probability of being contaminated and will require a laboratory soil test.

Once your soil is "cleared" too be removed, the volume of the soil will dictate the best transportation option.  Should you have more than 60 to 100 cubic meters of soil - one of the options is to hire semi-trailers, which will need to be loaded one after another and take soil from your site.  This will also necessitate a hire of an excavator to load the semi's.  Should you be facing a situation with large volumes of soil - give our friendly team a call on 1300 605 624 so that we can find a suitable solution for your soil disposal need.

For smaller projects up to 60 cubic meters of soil - one of the cheapest options is to hire a skip bin.  We offer Skip Bin Hire for many various waste types and should your project involve 100% soil, which is not mixed with any other waste types - give us a call for a very competitive skip bin hire quote for 100% soil on 1300 605 624 or obtain your skip quote online via our secure website.  Prices will only differ based on bin size.

Should your soil be mixed with some other materials, such as grass or rubble or concrete, we also have another discounted waste type, called "Concrete / Bricks / Soil & Metal" - which allows you to load soil and a few other clean materials in the same bin.

In a case where you are short for time and space and don't have an opportunity to separate your soil from all other materials, which then ends up being mixed with your renovation or general waste, the waste type then becomes "Mixed Heavy" and we can also accomodate for this.

Over the years, we have heavily invested into state of the art recycling equipment, which allows us to deal with any type of soil, collected from your site.  Even when your soil is relatively clean, it will still go through our Soil Reclaimer - a state of the art Soil Screening Machinery, which will separate soil from any other foreign materials, inclusive of small stones and rubble.  We then continue working on your soil to bring it to "Clean Soil" state, where we can then transport it to other Soil Recyclers, who will re-purpuse, re-mix, re-engineer and give your soil a second chance, thus participating in a circular economy.

Our Skip Bins, which are suitable for Soil Disposal are heavy duty bins, from our mini-skip of 2 cubic meters all the way up to 10 cubic meters hook bins.  We do not offer larger sizes bins for soil, due to weight restrictions by VicRoads in Melbourne, Victoria.  Due to our advanced recycling processes, we are able to pass on deep discounts on soil disposal to our customers, just give us a call or check out online for a very competitive skip bin quote.

We are excited to be able to assist you with any soil or dirt disposal advise and find the right skip bin size and waste type for your project.  Our team is very experienced and caring and we can't wait to speak to you and find a suitable solution to meet your project needs!