Skip Bin Hire Prices for Recyclable Waste
Recyclable Waste Skip Bins Nov. 27, 2018

Dear Customers

As many of you are asking us - how can we make skip bin hire cheaper, we have realised that a lot of our customers are not aware of the recyclable Discounted Bins for Recyclable Wastewaste skip bins, which we are offering at discounted prices.

Due to operating our own waste transfer station and our heavy investment in the recycling plant and machinery, we are able to offer our customers deeply discounted prices for single waste materials, such as:

As most of the single waste recyclable materials are very heavy, especially if soil is compacted, we strongly suggest to place bins on a road, instead of your driveway as heavy bins can damage your driveway, particularly on a pickup, when a combined weight of bin plus truck will put pressure on a driveway.  In case of building sites it might not matter or if you are replacing your driveway, however for established residential driveways - we recommend paying for council permit and having a peace of mind that your driveway will be intact :-).  In case you will require a council permit - our office will organise it for you in no time.

Due to heavy nature of the recyclable materials, when considering a bin above 6 cubic meters, we recommend to go for hook bins instead of marell bins, as the hook trucks are more powerful and have more capacity to later lift the full bin of the heavy material.  For quotes and bookings of recyclable waste skip bins, simply jump to our booking page, where you can obtain bin prices and book your bin 24/7 at your convenience.  Alternatively, please contact the friendliest customer service team in Melbourne on 1300 605 624 and we'll be able to answer all of your skip bin hire related questions.