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Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

Dear Customers

We would like to cover one of the most fascinated suburbs in the heart of our city's CBD and associated questions relating to skip bin hire in Melbourne.

The City of Melbourne - in particular the CBD is famous for being a hub of activity, not only social, business, cultural and sporting but of cause industrial and building activity.  Given the number of businesses in the Melbourne CBD and the surrounding suburbs and the necessity to upkeep them to maintain the prestigious image and modern conveniences in the heart of one of the largest business and cultural centres in Australia - the demand for renovation, refirbishment and new builds is always constant and on the rise.

One of the challenges the City of Melbourne represents in regards to Skip Bin Hire is of cause the traffic and the space for the bins.  Given the enormous amounts of cars and limited parking space, our there is always a need to plan the placement of the bin forward and in many cases actually reserve the spot.  When considering an appropriate space to place a bin in a city of Melbourne - it's important to consider the street signage, for example: no standing zones, taxi only zones, clearway and other prohibitive signs.  As a simple rule of thumb - the placement of a skip bin follows similar rules to the parking of a vehicle - if there are restrictive signs, skip bin cannot be placed there.  However if there is a one hour or 2 hour or more parking lots, skip bin can be placed there with a City of Melbourne Permit.Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

Our Melbourne customers come in different professions and with a variety of projects, thus their bin size and type requirements vary depending on the project, type of waste and the location.  Therefore, the demand for skip bin sizes is equally high from 2m3 mini bins, all the way to our bulk 31 cubic meters bins and everything in between.  Our office will be more than happy to discuss an appropriate bin size for your project and location.

City Council Permits is also one of the mysteries we would like to demistify for our customers.  The simple rule is: if the property where you place the bin is part of your building - i.e. your personal car park, which is on a title of your property or your personal loading zone, then no permit is required.  However if you are placing the bin on a council land, such as on a road, in a laneway or in a shared loading zone or loading dock then the City council Permit is a must.  The council permit for your bin is organised by your skip bin hire provider and the cost associated with it will be added to the price of a bin.  Organising a council permit for a bin is a matter of 15 minutes and as long as its done prior to bin placement  - it almost never presents any difficulties.  On some occassions the permit is organised immediately upon placing a bin, as in some circumstances it is unknown where exactly the bin will be placed and we would require to specify the building number next to which the bin is placed.

While paying for council permits is not on anyones top 5 enjoyable expenses, unfortunately its a necessary process, as not only most councils are extremely vigilant when they see a skip bin on a road, they immediately check with their Head office is the permit has been applied for and if not - they are very prompt at issuing the fines.  In addition, the City of Melbourne fines exceed that of most other councils in Melbourne and can be up to $1000, which is completely disproportional to the cost of permit and is probably driven by the lack of space in the CBD and the paramount importance of obtaining permits.

While most of our customers request bins for the City of Melbourne early in the morning, such as 6-7am to uncrease the probability of securing a space for the bin, it is also beneficial to our trucks to not get stuck in the CBD traffic.  For any questions on skip bin hire in Melbourne, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 605 624 for any questions relating to Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne.