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Skip Bin Hire Discount For Queens Birthday 2020 | Need A Skip Now

Dear Customers

How time flies, we are already in June and heading towards Queen's Birthday 2020 Long Weekend.  We have decided to reward our fellow Melbournians, who've been working hard during recent weeks of isolation on their home improvement. For any Skip Bin ordered by 8th June...

Get $30 Off Your Queen's Birthday Weekend Skip Bins

We are giving away a Queen's Birthday Promo Code, all you have to do is jump to our website, select the right size skip bin & use Promo Code QUEEN30 on a checkout, to get $30 off Any Skip Bin of any size to any suburb of Melbourne.

This is a limited time offer and needs to be redeemed by 8th June 2020.  Should you prefer to chat to us over the phone, you can also call us by Friday 5th June on 1300 605 624 and book your Skip Bin over the phone, don't forget to quote your Promo Code QUEEN30 as you can also redeem it over the phone.

Should your suburb not be listed in our service area, we encourage you to call us and check, as it might be a neighbouring suburb to where we already travelling and we would be able to deliver a bin to your area.

How Do I Work Out Which Size Skip Bin To Order

It can be a daunting process for someone who's ordering a skip bin for the first time to get the size correctly, but to make you feel better, even our frequent customers, such as builders, tradies and landscapers tend to under-estimate the skip size 70% of the time.  For a visual person, we recommend to organise your waste in one pile, visually assess the pile and then compare it to the bins dimensions displayed on our bin sizes page.

Another method of calculation is looking at your pile of rubbish and multiplying width of the pile by length of the pile by height of the pile.  Then take total amount and multiply by 1.5 to allow for packing inefficiencies, you will then have your cubic meters answer.  All measurements will need to be converted to meters first, prior to multiplying.Queen's Birthday Promo Skip Bins

If none of the above methods work for you, just give our friendly team a call and we'll help you out, we are at 1300 605 624 and we love assisting our customers.  Keep in mind that we have various sizes Skip Bins from mini skips of 2 cubic meters, all the way up to 31 cubic meters walk in bulk bins, hence no  matter how small or large project you might

How Long Can I Keep The Bin For

Our standard price covers you for up to 7 days of hire with no additional charges.  However we are also very understanding and if its raining or cold and you need extra days to fill your skip, we are very happy to extend your hire.

If you are a builder or require repeated bins to your site, we offer unlimited length skip bin hire for your ongoing projects.  We suggest to always contact us for any questions and we'll be happy to clarify the details pertaining to your project.  The only variable you might consider if your skip bin is placed on council property, such as nature strip or a road.  In this case, the length of hire will need to be aligned with the length of your council permit or in case of extension, we can always obtain a new council permit for you.  Each council charges different fees, hence if your driveway is not suitable for the placement of the bin, contact us to discuss the permit.  Should you require a council permit for the bin, we organise everything for you and since we are registered with most councils in Melbourne, a permit can be organised almost on the spot.

Can I Overfill The Bin?

The simple answer is - No. Even if you find that you've understimated the size of the skip required, bins cannot be overfilled for a variety of reasons, inclusive but not limited to:

  • Vic Roads Regulations - trucks are often stopped by police for random on the spot checks and heavy penalties apply to our drivers and our company for travelling with overfilled bins
  • Safety - should the bin be overfilled, particularly with smaller, loose items, even though bins are covered with tarp, items can fall out from the bin when travelling on highways and that can result in fatal accidents to other drivers
  • Bins have to be filled only to the rim, as the driver has a run and needs to pickup a number of bins, hence other bins will need to go on top and should the bin be overfilled it will disrupt the rest of the driver's run and delay other customers pickups.

Should you find yourself in the situation of under-estimating the size of the bin, best to order one more small bin to finish the rest of the clean up, it will be safe, secure and avoid unneccessary penalties.  However with that in mind, we suggest to order a one size bigger bin than you think you might require as its important to allow for packing inefficiencies.

Overall, we would like to wish you a relaxing and productive Queen's Birthday Weekend, if you end up needing a skip bin last minute, it has to be ordered by Friday and don't forget to use your Promo Code QUEEN30 either online or over the phone with us!