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Skip Bin Hire - Is It Just About The Price?

While many people treat skip bins as a commodity, we have asked a few of our customers whether it is just about the price?  Interestingly enough, frequent bin hirers have listed some other important factors apart from price to consider:

  • the reliability of the supplier (i.e. showing up on time and picking up the bin when promised)
  • the quality of the bin (many bin companies offer very bad looking, worn out and fragile bins)
  • does the bin have a door, for it to be a walk-in bin
  • does the supplier have all the necessary insurances, including Public Liability Insurance
  • when supplier charges a customer for a city council permit (for a bin to be placed on a road or a nature stip) - does the supplier actually obtain a permit or merely charging the customer and never applies for the permit - apparently this happens frequently in the industry.
  • does the supplier treat customer's property - i.e. driveway, trees, fence and nearby features with respect or carelessly scratches the driveway and doesn't use any protective sheeting?

The list actually goes on, however  here, at NeedASkipNow we strongly believe that although Skip Bins are just a commodity, it is not just about the price. 

We hope that you find the above list helpful and we'll be back shortly with more tips and recommendations.