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Skip Bin Hire Customer Service During COVID19 | Need A Skip Now

Dear Customers

As we continuing working through Stage 3 Restrictions in Victoria, Australia, one of the most frequently asked questions remains:

Is Skip Bin Hire Still Open

The Resounding Answer is  - Yes!  Skip Bin Hire is open as usual, with absolutely no changes to the customer experience or impact on our customers. So what is different in our operations since COVID19 restrictions have come into place? As most of our fellow Australians, we have to look after the well being of our employees and while everyone can see that our drivers are wearing masks, gloves and are using hand sanitizer a few times per day, it is not so obvious as to what's happening in our customer service department.

To give you a little glimpse behind the scenes, our Customer Service Team that some of you have got to know very well are now working from the comfort of their own homes, while our accounting team of one :-) is safely occupying our Ormond based Office.

As a lot of our customers are facing similar challenges of working from home, educating kids from home via online home schooling and similar situations, we thought that we'd share with you our experiences of working from home and hopefully some helpfull tips.  We have interviewed two of our Customer Service and Logistics Coordinators, Matt and Emilia and here are the findings of our interview below.

How Do You Find Working From Home Experience?

Emilia: For the type of work that I do, i.e. speaking to our customers on a phone, taking Skip Bin Orders, it is actually very easy to switch from the office to the home environment, as all I need at my disposal is my laptop, EFTPOS machine and a phone.  As our company is mainly paperless, I don't need a printer or much space for any filing, I only use one folder for Sales Receipts and everything else is computerised.SkipBinHire Customer Service

Matt: I find working from home - simply Fabulous!  When I have a morning shift from 7am, all I do is shout: "coffee" and my wife arrives with a coffee on my desk and I can start my day.  If I am doing an afternoon shift from 12pm then I can sleep-in in the morning, go for a walk with my wife, work around the house and then start my shift.

What Are The Advantages of Working From Home?

Emilia: As I use public transport to get to work, one of the main advantages is that there is no longer commuting time to my office.  When I start my morning shift at 7am, its as simple as waking up half an hour before my shift to get ready.  If I have to travel to the office, I would need approximately 1.5 hours of preparations and travel in order to start my day.  So the lack of commuting and therefore saving time is a major advantage.  There is of cause a piece of mind as well during COVID19 that I don't have to be on a public transport, where social distancing might not be possible.

Another advantage of providing Customer Services from home for me is being in the quiet environment and an ability to concentrate.  As a number of our customers are calling from very noisy building sites, it helps to receive phonecalls in a very quiet environment to enable clear communication with our customers.  Another part of my job is organising skip bin permits for Skip Bins on a roads, so I need to do a lot of reconciliations and liaising with city councils, hence working from home in an environment with no distractions is very beneficial to me, to enable complete focus on what I am doing.

Matt:  One of the obvious advantages of not commuting to work is the cost saving on petrol and parking, not to mention the time of commuting. Everything I need is here, which is my laptop or computer, EFTPOS machine, company phone and my notebook.  Working in a paperless company helps as it means I can pretty much work from anywhere, provided I have access to Internet.  Another advantage, after I finished worked - I am "home", basically I am "home from work" the minute I left my desk after my shift.

What are The Disadvantages of Working From Home?

Emilia: The only potential disadvantage is social interaction, where at work I can talk to my colleagues, while working from home - my only interaction is with my husband.  However as I am mostly on a telephone talking to our Skip Bin Hire Customers, I get plenty of Social Interaction of the phone :-)

Matt:  I don't see any disadvantages.  Being an indepent type of person, I prefer to work independently without any micromanagement, if I need any advice or assistance, it is only a phone call away from my colleagues.  Hence for my personality type - I can only see advantages of working from home.

What Changes Have You Noticed in Our Customers During COVID19?work from home

Emilia: We have noticed an unprecedent increase in demand for Residential Cleanups and consequently skip bins for residential waste. 

  • Generally it seems that our customers are cleaning out their homes a lot more than prior to COVID19, probably due to having more time and / or spending more time and home and thus finally getting to the projects which they never had time for before.
  • Approximately 80% of our new customers are clearing their homes and garages from junk
  • Large uptake of residential Gardening or Renovations Projects
  • We have found a large increase of DIY projects as oppose to hiring a professional to do their jobs, one of the reasons is saving money when engaged in DIY and again availability of time

Matt: Most Customers are mainly concerned whether our Skip Bin Hire service is still open and once I have confirmed for them that we are open, they are happy to order a bin, for the same reasons as Emilia already stated as everyone seems to be focused on their Home Improvement Projects at the moment.

What Tips Do You Have For Our Customers Working From Home?


  • If you only live with your partner and no kids, I recommend to try to syncronise your working or studying schedules so that you work at the same time and then rest at the same time, as it ensures absolutly no interruption during your working hours.
  • I also recommend to create a home routine, such as scheduled time for breaks, a dedicated space for your work.  Especially if you have kids, its important to create or find a sound proof space where you can work without any noise distraction or possible interruption from family members.


  • I recommend to take regular breaks from your computer, if opportunity presents, walk to your balcony or around your room, just to stretch your legs and keep the concentration levels up.
  • Very important to have a private spot or a dedicated space for your work area, where there are no noises and if you have a door, shut the door.
  • It helps if you have a window in a room where you work, so that you have a pleasant view and maintain and positive mental attitude.
  • I also feel that its important to have a very organised desk with no clutter, so that you can focus with minimum distructions.

So here you go folks, that's a wrap of our happy customer service team, who have happily and safely have organised themselves in their home offices and have been provided an un-interruped service to our Skip Bin Hire Customers.  As far as our customers are concerned, there are absolutely no changes to your interaction with us, our phone is the same 1300 605 624, you can call us from 7am or for urgent last minute skip bin bookings you can securely book online.

We would like to thank you for your business so far and hope you are staying safe and working from home or on your home improvement projects!