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Skip Bin Hire Brighton

Dear Customers

What is Happening in Brighton, Vic Skip Bin Hire Scene

For the last three months - Brighton, Vic was one of our top selling suburbs for skip bin hire and we'd like to provide more information to our Brighton and Bayside area customers on the specifics of Skip Bin Hire in Brighton.Skip Bin Hire Brighton

Brighton, Vic 3186 is one of our key areas, which is in immediate proximity to our waste transfer station, thus offering our lowest and most competitive skip bin hire prices in Melbourne.  One such example is 6 cubic meters bins for mixed heavy waste, which is a combination of builders / renovations / green and other waste is only $517 inclusive of GST. This price is all inclusive, with no surprises at the end of your bin hire and no limitations on the weight of the bin, as you will find common among our competitors.

The skip bin sizes and prices offered for Mixed Heavy / Builders / Renovators Waste for Brighton and neighbouring suburbs, such as Beaumaris, Bentleigh, Carnegie, Caulfield, Chadstone and many more are as follows:

2 cubic meters mini skips from $267 (incl. GST)

3 cubic meters walk in mini skips from $327 (incl. GST)

4 cubic meters walk in skip bins from $417 (incl. GST)

6 cubic meters walk in skip bins - from $517 (incl. GST) - TOP SELLER, MOST POPULAR BIN SIZE AMONG ALL CUSTOMER GROUPS

8 cubic meters marell and hook walk in bins from $667 (incl. GST) - must be booked in advance, due to high demand

10 cubic meters marell and hook walk in bins from from $787 (incl. GST) - excellent for builders, the 10m3 hook bin is the largest bin size recommended for soil, especially if loaded with excavator or bob cat

12 cubic meters marell and hook walk in bins from from $877 (incl. GST) - a must to book in advance due to immense popularity with builders

21 cubic meters walk in bins - suitable for General and Light Waste ONLY  - from $1187 (incl. GST)  - for up to 4.5 tonne of weight, extra weight is charged per tonne.  21m3 Bins are ideal for warehouses or end of lease clean ups, commercial clean ups, shopping centres, timber, cardboard, hoarders or deceased estate clean ups and other projects, which don't involve heavy materials

24 cubic meters walk in bins - same as 21m3 bins, suitable for General and Light Waste ONLY  - from $1207 (incl. GST) for up to 4.5 tonne of weight, extra weight is charged per tonne.

31 cubic meters walk in bins - our star of the bulk bins, most popular for light waste from Demolitions (such as timber) from $1287 (incl. GST) for up to 5 tonnes of weight.  Extra weight is charged per tonne.  Ideal for large premises clean ups, commercial factories, end of lease, trauma or hoarding houses clean up, parents moving into retirement village clean ups, deceased estates and many more applications. 

Where Can You Place Skip Bins in Brighton

It is important to note that suburb of Brighton is in the municipality of Bayside City Council and any bins, which are not placed in the driveway, but instead placed on a road or a nature strip - will attract a City Council Permit Fee.  We apply for permit on your behalf, so there is nothing for you to do, just let us know if you require a bin on a council land and we'll organise it for you with minimum notice.  The charges from the City of Bayside for Skip Bin Permit for the financial year ending 30/6/19 are $174.50.  This price is not included into the bin price and is only payable by customers, who require a permit.

There could be various reasons for obtaining a skip bin placement permit from the city council, inclusive but not limited to:

  • narrow driveway, which doesn't allow for truck's entrance
  • low hanging tree branches or telephone cables, which will block the access for the truck
  • brand new driveway or driveway with an exposed aggregate finish, which is a very gentle materials and skip bin placement is strongly discouraged to ensure that your driveway is intact
  • heavy materials going into the bin, such as soil, concrete, bricks, tiles, which combined with the weight of the truck on a pickup of a bin, will be too heavy for most driveways, hence heavy bins are recommended to be placed on a road.

Some bins, such as 31 cubic meters bins might be too big for some streets in Brighton (due to restricting visibility for the drivers or some streets being too narrow) and we would be able to get in touch with council on your behalf and check if street placement is allowed, prior to applying for bin permit.

We would like to thank all our Brighton, Beaumaris, Bentleigh, Bayside and the greater Melbourne Area customers for your continued support and we are welcoming your questions or feedback about your specific project, please contact the friendliest customer service team in Melbourne on 1300 605 624 for any skip bin hire Brighton or skip bin hire Melbourne suburbs questions.