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S is for September, Skip Bins and Soil Recycling

Dear Customers

Welcome to the first month of Spring (in Australia), September, which also consides with the resumption of Soil Recycling in our Waste Transfer Station.  During the cold and rainy winter that we've all so much enjoyed ;-) its challenging to work with soil.  However the minute soil dries up - we are all stations Go!

Our customers often ask us: what happens to the soil and other materials that you take away in skip bins from my building site or landscaping project or a demolition site.  The answer is simple, while the process is complex:

  • Skip Bins are first delivered to our Waste Transfer Station (our depot)s
  • All the bins are tipped and materials are separated by the categories
  • Soil is separated into a separate pile, to be screened
  • Soil is then screened using Powerscreen Warrior - Soil Reclaimer to separate it from all other materials and from all the stones
  • The end product is then a Clean Screened Soil, which has the following future uses and demands:
    • used by Soil Wholesalers
    • used by Nurseries and Gardening Supplies, who can further work with this product to create various blends of soil
    • used by builders and landscapers when they need to fill up certain spaces in their projects or need to fill a swimming pool

This is a perfect example of Circular Economy - where soil is collected, sorted, screened and is given a second chance of being re-ingineered, re-used and recycled.

If you are currently working on a project, where you need to get rid of a small or large quantities of soil - we are only a phone call away and will find the most cost and time effective solution for you, from mini skip bins to large bins, to semi-trailers for larger projects.   Call us on 1300 605 624 for your obligation free consultation!