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Dear Customers and fellow Melbournians

Today we'd like to address one of the recent trends in Melbourne and Australia Wide

Renovations & DIY Hitting All Time High Despite COVID-19

According to a recent article in Domain and largerly publicised in the media queues in front of Bunnings Warehouse are all pointing to a fact we cannot deny - Aussies are getting busy at home and for a good reason.  There are many factors supporting this argument, as Bunnings & Officeworks have been the two profitable businesses of Wesmarmers in the last quarter, compared to the struggling Target Sales.

We have a further evidence of household projects increase by unprecedented demand on household skip bin hire, particularly during Easter Holiday, where unlike in previous years, we have remained opened in order to satisfy the skip bins delivery demand.

So what are the main driving factors behind such an increase in residential DIY activity during COVID-19?  Here we will analyse the factors most named by our recent customers:

Working From Home Requires Rearranging of Space

Working from Home has become one of the most frequent reasons for our workforce to start re-organising their homes.  While some families might already had some home offices, that cannot be said for the majority of the population.  Organising Home Office is not a small affair, particularly if you need to create not only sufficient and ergonomically friendly place for your productive work day but you also need to ensure a certain level of privacy and noise control so that you can still work despite other family members being at home.

Some of our customers report that creating a home office was just a matter of converting one of their spare bedrooms or play rooms into the office, while others had to engage builders to build an extension or an extra room where possible to create a dedicated space for a home office.Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

Children Studying via Online Platform

One of the "joys" of COVID-19 is the impact on our kids education, which has seen most schools adopt an online learning from this Term 2 in Victoria and other states of Australia.  Not dissimilar to create a home office, parents now also need to think of how to create a space for studying for their kids.  This matter gets even more complex when you have more than one kid and each requires a dedicated area, without interruption where they can be positioned to productively assimilate the information coming to them from their online class.

Some of our customers had to give up part of their own home office in order to enable their kids online learning area, while others started setting up kids studying areas in the common areas of the house, such as kitchen, dining room or in some cases in kids bedrooms.  When you are trying to create space in your home - something has to go, hence we've seen an increase in household cleanups and rubbish disposal, in order to win that precious space that most families now need at home.

Home Based Gym or Exercise Areas

One of the downsides of the COVID19 is of cause closure of all the gyms and exercise venues, which has not only affected adults but actively sporty kids who in some cases had between 1-3 plus sporting activities per week.  As movement and exercise is serving not only aesthetic but our physical and emotional needs, it has become a priority for many families to set up either an outdoor or an indoor exercise area for themselves and their kids.  Backyards have been instrumental in accommodating some wheather resilient exercise equipment, while in other cases, a complete garage clean out from junk was required in order to set up a home gym or a table tennis area.

While we could all argue that we could simply go for a walk or for a run in order to compensate for the lack gym, in reality not all of us are runners and when its rainy and gloomy outside, particularly with us Melbournians reverting to a winter time, it might be appropriate to exercise on your yoga mat while watching a youtube fitness class or hit that boxing bag in your garage or alfresco area.

Beautifying Your Backyard or Garden

One of the other fears of the human kind is to feel entrapped like you are in prison and hence another reason for the popularity of Bunnings, we are all decorating our backyards and outdoor spaces - yey!  It is a fascinating yet very logicl phenomena, as most of us now have to stay at home apart from 4 main reasons not to stay at home and hence we need to feel like we have an "escape" room in our house or more so an outdoor area, where we can relax and rejuvenate, throw a snag on a barbie or just simply sit with your beer or a glass of wine, surrounded by your newly planted flowers, herbs and newly hung up party lights :-). 

The evidence of the above is not only in Bunnings and other plant nurseries where the sales of seeds and various plants has gone through the roof but also the amount of Green Waste and Soil / Mixed Heavy Waste Skip Bins we have delivered in the past few weeks.  The upside of this is enormous as finally we all get to improve our outdoor spaces, which we never had time for.  Another upside is that once we come out of COVID-19, we'll be able to entertain our friends and families in gorgeous outdoor spaces, which wasn't possible before.

All in all - whatever the reason for your current or up-coming household improvement project - we are here to help.  We pride ourselves on being the friendliest team in Melbourne and will be happy to answer any Rubbish Disposal or Skip Bin Hire issues or questions you might have.  You can contact us on 1300 605 624 during working hours or send us a message after hours or for urgent skip bin quotes click here.

Until next time folks - all the best in your Home Improvement Project and May you stay Healthy, Fit and Productive despite the circumstances.