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Managing Hoarding or Squalor Cleanup

Dear Customers

Recently we have been involved in a number of large clean ups in the residential sector, mainly as a result of Hoarding or Squalor issues at the properties.  Our involvement was limited to supplying a number of large sizes bulk bins, starting from 21 cubic meters Walk In Bins, all the way up to 31 cubic meters Walk In Bins.  The recent influx of such cases prompted us to look deeper into the issue of Hoarding and Squalor in Australia and we would like to share with you our latest article, which summarises all our findings.Hoarding Clean UP


If you are in a situation where you need to deal with Hoarding or Squalor Clean Up or need to discuss the most suitable Bin Size for your project, we are here to help.  We can also recommend the best in business here in Melbourne, who speciliase in Trauma Cleaning and send a specialised team to organise or clean up your property and also advise on help available to residents who are suffering from Hoarding.  Our number is 1300 605 624 and we are here to assist you with anything you need for your property cleanup.