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How To Save Money By Hiring Bigger Skip Bins

Most customers, whether they have never hired a skip bin or a builder who has ordered numerous amounts of bins, underestimate the amount of waste they have to throw out.

The one key strategy to save money when ordering skip bins is to go for a bigger bin. The reason for this is, rather than ordering one small bin and then realising you have more waste to throw out, when you hire one bigger bin, you are only paying for transport costs once.

With diesel set to continue rising throughout the remainder of the year, prices for skip bins are at their lowest and best price that they will ever be. We have provided you with a list of reasons why bigger is better when it comes to hiring skip bins!

How To Save Money By Hiring A Bigger Skip for Demolition Sites

Skip Bin Hire MelbourneDemolition sites are renowed for getting a number amount of bins and ordering swap overs. Builders and trades can be assured that they can save costs by ordering a bin and saving on hiring a number of smaller bins in the long run.

Our mix heavy waste bins allow for most builders waste types to be thrown in the bin, including concrete, bricks and timber. For building sites that only require concrete or bricks to be thrown inside the bin, customers will rejoice in knowing that they can save money by hiring bins that are designated for one waste type only, such as 100% concrete or 100% bricks only skip bins.

How To Save Money By Hiring A Bigger Skip for Building Sites

Cheap skip hire in Melbourne is available when working on small or large building sites. Builders, trades and commercial accounts can book skip bins in Melbourne at a cheaper rate by ordering large bins from 10m3. Our hook bins can carry most waste types and are the largest bin that can transport soil. Instead of hiring small skip bins and paying for transport fees for each bin, it is far cheaper to order a bigger bin and have it on site for a longer period of time while the project gets completed.

How To Save Money By Hiring A Bigger Skip for Landscaping

Melbourne Skip Bin HireLandscapers can get affordable and cheap skip bin hire when they book a skip bin with Need A Skip Now. Landscapers can opt to book a mix heavy, green or soil, concrete and brick skip bin to accomodate their landscaping projects. Our mix heavy bins can take most waste, including green waste. The only exception is that mix heavy skip bins cannot be mixed with soil due to the soil becoming contaminated by the other waste inside the bin.

Our green bins are heavily discounted to provide the most affordable and cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne. Green bins can take small tree trunks, shrubs, grass and plants. Artificial grass is a non-recyclable product and therefore incurs an extra fee. Please call our office to discuss the rates if you are thinking to dispose of artificial turf.

You can save costs on larger landscaping projects, such as ripping out turf from school yards or cricket grounds by ordering larger bins that can stay on site for an extended period of time. Rather than hiring smaller bins and paying for transport fees over and over, when you hire a bigger bin, you are less likely to require a change over.

How To Save Money By Hiring A Bigger Skip for School and Office Clean Ups

As a general trend, we have noticed that schools have a big clean up at the end of mid term and at the end of the school year. If schools have accumulated a lot of waste or are renovating their indoor or outdoor area, then most likely a bigger bin will save costs in the long run as there will be no need for a swap over.

Office relocations generally have a lot of furniture and general waste to dispose of when relocating offices. To accomodate such a big move we recommend a large size skip bin starting from a 21 cubic meter bin. Our largest hook bin for general office waste is a massive 31 cubic meter bin and is ideal for large projects and relocations. When hiring such a large bin you can rest assure that you will only be paying for transport fees once rather than trying to cram in all the office waste into smaller bins.

How To Save Money By Hiring A Bigger Skip for Factory Clean Ups

Warehouses and factories can store a large amount of waste and generally have large items to throw out. Instead of risking an overfill in the bin, which can incur an extra charge, it is far better to order a larger bin and ensure that all the waste can fit inside the bin. Our large bin sizes range from an 8 cubic meter hook bin all the way through to a 31 cubic meter hook bin. All these bins can take light waste such as timber, cardboard and furniture.

How To Save Money By Hiring A Bigger Skip for End of Lease

Melbourne Skip Bin HireAn end of lease, deceased estate estate or interstate move will most likely require one of our two largest bins that we have in stock - either the 24 cubic meter bin or 31 cubic meter bin.

Almost all customers underestimate the amount of waste that they have and a bigger bin will save you money as you are only paying for transport fees once.

All our bins (except for the mini 2 cubic meter bin) have a walk in door, which make it super easy to transport large bulky items such as couches and cupboards straight into the bin.

We are here to help you with your next project and have many skip bins on offer. For any enquires regarding booking please call our customer service team on 1300 605 624.