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How Much Is It To Hire A Skip Bin | Need A Skip Now

I Need A Skip Bin For My Garden - How Much Is It

There can be various options to dispose of rubbish from your garden project and of cause the price of the skip bin for garden waste will depend on a few factors, such as:

  • skip bin size
  • your suburbGarden Clean Up Bin
  • what exactly is going into a skip bin

For example - if you are simply trimming some hedges or trees or disposing of green waste and you order a mini skip for Green Waste only and say our smallest bin is 2 cubic meters and your property is located in Highett, Vic 3190 then the price will be $267 (incl. GST).

if your project will involve some excavation and your waste type might be 100% soil then you are in for a treat, as soil is a recyclable material and we offer discounted bins for 100% soil bins.  An example is 4m3 skip bin for 100% soil for Elsternwick will be $347 (incl. GST).

Should your gardening or landscaping project involve a mixture of materials, such as bricks, concrete, soil, green waste and other then your waste type will be Mixed Heavy and an example of price for 6m3 skip bin for Caulfield will be $547 (incl. GST).

To get an instant quote for your suburb you can jump to our quotation page and quote and book a skip bin in under 2 minutes.  Alternatively should you wish to discuss your project and get some assistance from us, we are only a phone call away on 1300 605 624.

I Am Moving House - How Much is A Skip Bin

Most household moves involve disposal of some old furniture, toys and other domestic items, which mostly fall into General Waste category. In some circumstances if as part of your move you had to do some renovation or gardening and in addition to general waste you might have some renovation waste then the category of waste will be Mixed Heavy.

The Size of the Bin will depend on the size of your family and house.  If you are a single or a couple and only vacating an apartment or a unit, you might get away with anything up to 6 cubic meters skip bin, however it will all depend on how much stuff you want to leave behind and if you also have a garage full of unwanted items.  For families with kids - we generally recommend somewhere between 8 and 12 cubic meters bin but definitely no less than 6 cubic meters, particularly if you are vacating a house with 2-3 kids.  Most people tend to underestimate the size of the bin hence we would like to recommend that the higher you go in size the more you save per cubic meter. 

One common scenario is when families order a 6 cubic meters bin, fill it up and realise that they need one more bin of the same size.  An example of skip bin prices for Murrumbeena would be:

  • 1 x 6m3 General Waste Bin $537Bin for Moving House
  • 2 x 6m3 General Waste Bins $1,074
  • 1 x 12m3 General Waste Bin $857
  • Hence - Saving on ordering just one 12m3 Skip Bin instead of 2 x 6m bins is $217

As most of our customers understimate the amount of waste they have, particularly when moving homes, given the fact that the higher you go in cubic meters the more savings you get, we recommend to order a size or two bigger bin to ensure that you don't run out of space.

Couple of items to keep in mind when ordering a skip bin for vacate clean is that mattresses and tyres attract extra cost.  For a full cost of any extraordinary extra items please refer to our Waste Type page or give our friendly team a call.

I am Redoing My Driveway - How Much is a Skip Bin

When our customers are redoing their driveways there could be a couple of scenarious.  One of the options is to order a Skip Bin for 100% Concrete, if you need an initial bin to dispose of the old driveway.  As concrete is a recyclable material, we offer deeply discounted prices for Concrete Only bins. Price of cause will depend on the size of the bin. With Heavy Bins, such as concrete or soil -the highest recommended size of bin would be no more than 10 cubic meters and it would have to be a hook bin, not a marell as Hook Trucks are more powerful and can lift up to 10 cubic meters heavy bins.

An example of Concrete only prices for Brighton, Vic 3186 is:

3m3 skip bin $2776m3 Skip Bin for Concrete

4m3 skip bin $307

6m3 skip bin $397

8m3 skip bin $497

10m3 skip bin $547

If your driveway replacement project involves a disposal of soil and a mixture of some other rubble then you might be able to choose a waste category of Concrete / Bricks /Soil, which is a combination of recyclable materials and is still discounted compared to the mixed heavy waste.

I am Cleaning Out My Factory - How Much is a Large Bin

Factories or End of Year Leases Clean Ups usually require bulk bins and you can't go past our range of large sizes from 21 cubic meters bin to 31 cubic meters bins.

The beauty of these large bins is that they are an amazing value per cubic meter, for example: a 31 cubic meters bin for Moorabbin for General Waste is $1,287, which works out to be $41.50 per cubic meter.  Compare that to 8 cubic meters bin $657, which is $82.12 per cubic meters.  The difference with 31m3 Bulk Bin31m3 bin is that we only have to travel one time to deliver this bin, hence you only pay for transport once.  If you order 3 x 10m3 bins then you are paying for transport 3 times, as each bin has a transport component in it.  Therefore for factories clean ups we don't recommend to go below 21m3 bins, unless it's just a very small clean up then you could potentially get away with a 12 m3 hook bin.

To get an instant Bulk Bin quote for your Factory Clean up or Office Clean Up - just select Your Suburb, General Waste and click SHOW BIN PRICES and you will see all prices for all sizes bins, from which you can select the right bin for your project. 

We are only a phone call away on 1300 605 624 to answer any questions in regards to any Clean Up, Renovation or Building Project you might be undertaking and will be happy to advise on the bin size and waste type for your project.