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How To Dispose of Soil In Melbourne | Need A Skip Now

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Whether you find yourself at the commencement of your project or at the end of the project, you might need to dispose of a mixed variety of waste or  just soil waste.  While we provide Skip Bins for all types of Waste, we would like to conver the topic of Soil Disposal in this Article.

How Do I Take Soil From My Site

First you need to work out whether your soil is clean or contaminated.  There are a few ways of doing that.  The origin of the soil can already pinpoint Soil Removalwhether soil has a high chance of being contaminated.  Potential sources of contamination include oil and fuel such as idesel from old industrial sites, therefore if you are excavating in the industrial area, you need to consider what was happening to that land before.

Visual inspection of soil can be a stating point to identify the contamination, by turning over the soil with a shovel or equivalent.  Dark patches or discoloured patches of soil are good indicators of contamination as are any stale and chemical particularly hydrocarbon type smells, are also indicative.

Soil from domestic locations such as a house demolition or renovation or landscaping is also a potential contamination source and must be treated in the same way as industrial sources.  As per suggestion from the EPA Victoria, any soil suspected to be contaminated should be put aside into a quarantine area for further inspection and possible chemical analysis at an external facility.

The original source of soil can indicate the probability of contamination, for example, old industrial sites that utilised heavy machinery or stored chemicals or operated from an unsealed site have a large probability of having a contaminated soil. Soil from old chemical sites will almost always be either Category A, B or C as defined by EPA in Prescribed Industrial Waste (PIW) Guidelines and should only be handled by EPA licensed providers to transport this soil.  Any soil that needs to be removed and is classified as PIW, should be placed in a quarantine area for removal by an EPA licensed operator.  You will also find that the cost of removing such contaminated soil will be quite costly and should be considered in the cost of your project.

Should the soil be simply from your veggie garden or some other safe location or doesn't present any visual or strong odour then it is safe to assume that soil is clean and can be disposed of with a rental of Skip Bin.

What Skip Bin Sizes are Suitable for Soil Disposal

While our range of skip bins starts from a mini skip of 2 cubic meters all the way up to 31 cubic meters bulk bins, soil being a heavy material has certain limitations and we do not recommend to order any more that 10 cubic meters hook bin, should your project have this quantity. We also recommend to select Hook Bins for soil, such as 8 cubic meters hook bin or 10 cubic meters hook bin.  Hook Bin Trucks are more powerful than Skip Bin Trucks and hence have a better suitability to transport soil bins.  In case if you are hiring a machinery to load a bin with soil, hook bins have an advantage of being low in height, hence making it easier to fill the bin with a loader or a small excavator or a bob cat.

Wait and Load ServiceIf you are working on a domestic project such as gardening or landscaping or small driveway excavation and need a skip bin under 8 cubic meters, then any of our bins, such as 2m3 mini skip, 3m3 walk in mini skip; 4m3 walk in skip bin or 6m3 skip bin will be ideal.  All of our bins come with a walk in door, starting from 3 cubic meters bin, only 2m3 skip doesn't have a door.  Therefore all skip bins from 3m3 can be filled with a wheelbarrow or a machinery as stated above.  All Skip Bins are made from a heavy duty high quality metal and are suitable for transporting non-conteminated soil.

Should your project require a large amount of soil removal, say more than 30 cubic meters and more, you could either consider 3 x 10 cubic meter hook bins or talk to us about booking our truck & trailer service, where our truck would arrive with a hook bin and a trailer and our driver will wait while you load a truck & trailer with a machinery.  This service is called Wait and Load and depending on the waiting time, we will provide you a quote for your specific requirements.

How Much is A Skip Bin for Soil Only

The cost of your skip bin hire for soil is significantly cheaper than a mixed heavy type of waste.  However the cost of the bin will depend on the bin size and the location of your project. To get an instant quote, please use our website 24/7 or if you prefer to chat to us on a phone and ask any questions about your project and the best size bin, we are here Monday to Saturday on 1300 605 624 and will be happy to discuss your project.

We recommend to order a skip bin at least 24 hours in advance, to ensure that you desired bin size is available and also time frame of delivery is available.  Bins can be ordered as far in advance as possible, however in case of emergency you can also try ordering the bin on the same day of delivery and in that case we recommend calling us from 7am Monday to Friday on 1300 605 624 however bins ordered on the same day will not have a flexibility of time as they would need to be fitted into an existing schedule.


Whatever your project is, a small residential or a multi site building projects, we are here to assist you and look forward to being of assistance with your soil removal needs!