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Home Improvement, Moving House & Skip Hire During Stage 3 Lockdown in Vic | Need A Skip Now

It's Lockdown as Usual or Business as Usual in Melbourne, Victoria, as we find ourselves cut off from the rest of the country by hard border restrictions and even from regional Victoria in order to control the COVID19 spread.  As we have nothing better to do - most of us will launch into phase two of Gardening, Home Improvement, Home Organising and  / or Moving Home.  What we can and can't do during this time:

Moving Home During Lockdown in Melbourne

As per the advise of Vic Government, under the current level 3 restrictions, if you already had a plan of moving home, you can continue with your plan.  There are various considerations to be made, to comply with the current level of restrictions and to ensure that your family and the team moving your home are safe and not endangering themselves to the transfer of the virus.

One of the options is to minimise the number of people invovled in your move and minimising the number of people entering your home during your packing and moving process.  First up is to only move items, which are really necessary, thus saving time and money on packing, loading & unloading the furniture.  The  minute you start packing for your new home, we recommend ordering a Skip Bin, where you will be throwing items, which you are not taking with you to your new home and the ones you cannot sell.

As a Covid19 Consideration to our fellow Melbournians, we are providing at least 7 days Skip Bin Hire with no additional charges and should you require the bin for longer, the extension of hire is FREE, we will only pick it up once you finished loading the skip.Skip Bin Hire during Melbourne Lockdown

Once all of your unwanted items have been chucked into the skip bin, it is time to pack for a new home.  You can either do it yourself to ensure no unnecessary visitors to your home or you can hire professionals, who will do it fast, safely and in extremely organised manner, we can recommend one of our valued customers, Delicate Days.  Their team is fully COVID19 prepared, will handle your furniture, knick knecks and valuables with the highest attention to detail and care.

The same company can also help you unpack in your new home and completely organise your spaces so that you can enjoy an easy and organise house move.

Winter Gardening During Lockdown In Melbourne

It is both productive and theraputic to engage yourself in various home and garden projects during the Lockdown. The benefits are countless but some of the obvious are:

  • by engaging yourself in a project - will keep you focused, engaged, productively busy and will absotely leave no room for depression, boredom or negative thoughts as you'll be on the mission
  • by investing your time and money and effort into your garden improvement, will also provide a positive benefit to your garden, which will be later spring ready and as we will be spending the next 6 weeks mostly at home, looking at a nice garden will inevitable have a positive effect on your mood and that of your family.
  • as we lead such busy times, after we come out of lockdown you will no longer have the luxury of time to engage into such detailed in some cases project hence there is no better time than now to get it done.

For varous ideas of how to improve your front yard or back yard, you can consult internet, such as pinterest, Instagram, Google or get real life pros coming to your garden for a free consultation and giving you a few ideas according to your lifestyle and budget.  We can highly recommend one of our valued customers from Bays Edge Landscapes, Shaun.  You can reach Sean on 0424 705 590 for a discussion and a competitive quote.

Should you need to dispose of some waste as a result of your gardening project, in addition to mixed heavy and green waste bins, we offer discounted bins for single type of materials, such as 100% soil bin, timber bin, bricks bin and so on.  For a quick skip bin quote for your gardening project give us a call on 1300 605 624 or quote & book a skip online via our secure website.

Home Improvement During Lockdown

As per the Government Advise, should you require professionals to come into your home during a lockdown, you can certainly organise them.  Therefore there is nothing stopping you from moving forward with your home improvement plans, you are only limited by your budget and imagination.  However as there are now some many DIY projects and budget solutions, you are sure to find a large pool of online and other resources to help you on your way.

Bunnings warehouse, one of the most popular HOme Improvement "Go To" shop is very helpful with ideas, jump on their website and watch their numerous videos and blogs with very useful tips.

While certain jobs are perfect for DIY projects, we also encourage you to hire a professional when it comes to plumbing or electrical jobs, as while there have been an immense surge in DIY project, there has also been a very high increase of personal accidents associated with these DIY project, especially when it comes to power tools, electrical and plumbing projects.  Just remember - safety is your number one priority and sometimes we have to pay a professional but ensure that project is done safely, with warranty and certification and nobody gets electrecuted in the process.

For Rubbish Disposal as a result of your Home Improvement Project, we offer a large range of bin sizes, in case you can't work out the correct skip bin size, we are only a phone call away and would love to assist you with any questions.

We are wishing you a productive time during the next 6 weeks of our Second Lockdown in Melbourne and encourage you to stay positive, safe, healthy and focused on your goals.  We are here to support you with any skip bin hire or related questions and are only a phone call away on 1300 605 624.