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Hiring Skip Bin During Stage 4 Restrictions in Melbourne | Need A Skip Now

Dear Customers

One of the most frequently asked questions from our existing and new customers in the last week was:

Is Skip Bin Hire Open During Stage 4 Restrictions in Melbourne

A Simple Answer is - Yes, we are open. As part of the essential service, defined by allowable industries, Skip Bin Hire falls under Waste Management and Recycling Category and is therefore considered an essential service. It is not only critical to continue taking out the waste from construction sites, existing projects or emergency works but according to EPA, the continuous operation of Skip Bin Hire service will ensure that residents are not encouraged to resort to illegal dumping, should all waste management services be placed on hold.

One of the important points to note during Stage 4 Restrictions is that residents can no longer go to the tip with their trailer, all Melbourne landfills under the stage 4 restrictions are only open to commercial contractors, such as ourselves, i.e. Skip Bin Hire companies and are not open to residents. 

Even though construction industry has been massively impacted by the stage 4 restrictions, not only with extra regulations and subject to the COVID-SAFE plan but most sites had to be reduced to only 25% capacity and have no more than 5 people plus supervisor on site at any given time, they still generate waste, which needs to be taken out of the site.Skip Bin Hire Open During Stage 4 Restrictions in Melbourne

Residents alike have a number of renovations and DIY projects, which have commenced either prior to Stage 4 lockdown or had to commence during the lockdown for either safety, emergency or other reasons and hence are entitled to order a skip bin and get rid of the waste from their project, particularly as they can't take it themselves to the tip at present time.

How Do I Pay for Skip Bin

Our regular payment methods are usually via credit card, whether you book your skip bin online and pay via our secure website or whether you pay via credit over the phone if you book your skip via calling us on 1300 605 624.  Another payment method available is via EFT however payment must be cleared in our bank prior to the pickup of your skip bin.

Please avoid paying cash as not only it is not safe during current Stage 4 Restrictions, it also contravenes our contactless bin delivery policy where we process your skip bin order and payment over the phone or online and avoid any contact to ensure both the safety of our customers and our team.  We also do not recommend to pay with cash at any other time even outside of Pandemic as drivers do not carry any change, there is no proof of payment and cash can be lost in transit.  Not to mention that if you will claim it as a business expense, having this transaction in your credit card statement is far more valuable and tax deductible for businesses.

We provide paperless invoices, hence when you book your skip bin online, your "paid invoice" will be delivered instatly to your inbox or if you book with us over the phone, your invoice will be in your inbox within 30 minutes, there is no paperwork for you to handle, all our systems are online and automated.

Moving Home During Stage 4 Restrictions and Hiring a Skip Bin

One of the reasons customers hire skip bins is for their home move. The question arises: "can I move home during stage 4 restrictions"?  The answer provided by our Victorian Government is yes - if you already have a signed lease and need to move to a new home, you may proceed with your plans. Should you be in a situation where you are at home during current lockdown, filling a skip bin will be a breeze, given time availability.  Provided that the Skip Bin is placed on your property and there is no council permit involved, we generally allow you around 7 days to fill your bin however should you require an extension, during current Pandemic we offer Skip Hire Extensions Free of Charge.

Mini Skip for Moving HomeWhen selecting a size of skip bin for your project, we recommend to refer to our bins page for dimensions however should you run into difficulties or need help deciding, our friendly team is only a phone call away on 1300 605 624 to talk you through various bin sizes and work out the most optimal size for your project.

Any Changes to Skip Bin Hire During Stage 4 Restrictions in Melbourne

We recommend to follow the instructions from the Department of Health and a healthy dose of common sense.  First of all - we recommend to always use gloves when loading a skip bin to keep your hands safe and to maintain a high level of hygiene.  We also recommend wearing a mask as you would need to be outside to load a skip bin (unless the skip bin is in your driveway and you are not in contact with the general public).  However if your skip bin is placed on a road or a nature strip then please definitely wear a mask in line with current Victorian Safety Regulations.  Last but not least is of cause to abide by the current Stage 4 Restrictions Curfew in Melbourne, where you can't be outside between 8pm and 5am.  Hence if your skip bin is positioned outside of your home on a road or nature strip it is advisable to only fill the bin during the allowable hours after 5am and before 8pm.

We really hope that we have answered your basic questions about hiring a skip bin during Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria however we recognise that each project is unique and you might have many more specific questions, hence we invite you to give us a call and we look forward to discussing your project, whether its your garage clean up or multi site building developments, we are here Monday to Saturday on 1300 605 624.

Stay Safe and We Look Forward to Chatting to you Soon!