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Gardening in Isolation? How To Dispose of Your Green Waste | Need A Skip Now

Dear Customers

Gardening in Isolation in Melbourne

During this year, Victorians and Melbournians in particular have done more gardening than most other states in Australia, due to our extensive lockdowns. While this activity is highly pleasurable for some, regardless whether they are in lockdown or not, for others it has become and solace and a salvation, to keep their minds and hands busy during months of isolation in Melbourne.Green Waste Skip Bin Hire

Gardening is not only important for the health and longevity of your garden, it also ads aethtetic pleasure and increases enjoyment of your time spent at home, not to mention it provides a sense of pride and accomplishment and you will have something to show off to your friends and family once our Victorian Lockdowns are relaxed and we can entertain at home again.

During this lockdown, we have met a wide range of new customers, engaged in various types of Gardening & Landscaping Projects.  Some are bravely undertaking DIY projects, referring to wide range of YouTube videos, while others have engaged the expertise of landscapers and gardeners to assist them with some major transformation projects of their outdoor spaces, such as re-tiling of their front yard, planting new hedges, creating entertainment areas and many other improvements.

One common denominator of all the gardening and landscaping projects - includes getting rid of some waste, which is very often green waste and other types of waste.  How do we dispose of Green Waste During Lockdowns?

Green Waste Disposal

One particular feature of Stage 4 Restrictions in Melbourne is the closure of tips to the public.  Therefore tips and landfills are only open to the commercial contractors, such as Skip Bin Hire Companies.  Not surprisingly, hiring a Skip Bin is the only viable alternative when you need to get rid of Green Waste from your gardening and disposal project.

What size Skip Bin would you need?  As the volume of bins is measure in cubic meters, it would be helpful if you could estimate the length, width and height of your green waste pile, convert it into meters and multiply (length x height x width).  If you are more of a visual type of person, we recommend to jump onto our Bin Sizes Page, which has a visual representation of skip bin sizes and their respective dimensions.  If you prefer to discuss your project over the phone than we recommend to give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call on 1300 605 624 and we'd be able to advise on the optimal size of a skip bin for your project. 

We have a full range of skip bin sizes, from the smallest 2 cubic meters mini skip all the way up to 31 cubic meters bulk bin.  All of the bin sizes in our range are suitable for Green Waste Disposal.  As Green Waste is mainly a light waste, there shouldn't be any issues with filling a 31 cubic meters bin, particularly if you are dealing with a large amount of branches and bushes disposal.  To make the most out of filling your bin with Green Waste, we suggest to pack thoughtfully, cut down your branches and place them lengthwise into the bin, to minimise the amount of air pockets and pack more effectively.  Another idea is to cut your branches into even length and tie them up into bundles, that will also help with minimising air pockets in the skip bin and will allow you to place more waste inside the bin.

Disposal of Mixed Heavy and Clean Fill From Your Gardening Project

We are all too familiar with the scenario of bigger projects, where one thing leads to another and then you have way more than green waste to dispose of.  For Instance, if part of your project is re-surfacing of your driveway, then you will have concrete pieces to dispose of.  If you are redoing your veranda or patio or even your boundary fence then you will also have some timber to dispose of.

Many landscaping projects also create a residue of soil, sometimes mixed with rocks and green waste, which all requires disposal.  The great news are - we offer a variety of waste type to choose from, when booking your skip bin.  As we operate our own waste transfer station, where each bin from our customers is taken for a complete separation and recycling, we are able to offer discounted prices on recyclable materials and therefore offer the 6m3 skip bin for soilfollowing waste types, from which you can select the most appropriate one, pertaining to your project:

  • 100% soil bins
  • 100% bricks bins
  • 100% concrete bins
  • soil / bricks / concrete bins
  • mixed heavy bins

The above waste types are self explanatory, however if you have a mixture of many types of waste then the safest waste type to select is "mixed heavy".  While with green waste bins you can go all the way up to 31 cubic meters bin, with heavy type of bins, such as soil, concrete and a mixture of heavies, we recommend to only go up to 10 cubic meters hook bin, to ensure that our trucks can pickup the heavy bin and still be compliant on public roads, which have a payload limit.

For a guidance on various waste types, we recommend our Waste Types page, however we have found that some people just like to chat and discuss various aspects of their project with our team, hence we invite you to give us an obligation free call on 1300 605 624 to work out the best Waste Type and Skip Bin Size for your project.

Can Skip Bins Be Delivered During Lockdown

The resounding answer is - Yes, as waste collection is part of essential service and it is playing a critical role during this lockdown, not only supporting our fellow Melbourne Residents and Builders in their projects but is also playing an important role in preventing illegal dumping as a result of tips being closed.

To order a skip bin for your gardening or landscaping project has never been easier, it can either be done online or over the phone.  We deliver bins to most suburbs of Melbourne Monday to Saturday and we look forward to discussing your project with you!