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Five Reasons Skip Bin Hire is Booming During Easter | Need A Skip Now

Why Easter Skip Bin Hire so Popular in Melbourne

As we are rapidly approaching Easter Break, traditionally one of our busiest weekends of the year, some customers have asked us why is it so important to order a Skip Bin for Easter well in advance.  We have repeateadly found that due to high popularity of skip bin hire during this long weekend in Melbourne, some skip bin sizes can actually sell out and some covert morning delivery times can also get booked out if you are leaving your skip bin order till the last minute.  The fascinating reasons behind Melbournians turning to Skip Bin Hire around Easter Break are discussed below. sKIP BIN HIRE

Using Long Weekend to Fill Your Skip

In between of tyding your house, shopping for groceries, driving your kids (if you have any) to various sporting and recreational activities, we hardly have time to sit down and just breeth, hence filling a skip bin during normal weekend is a dedicated task, where you would try to invite your whole family to make it happen.  When you have a long weekend, particularly Easter weekend, which is 4 days this year, plus you have at least 10 days of hire included in your skip bin price, you are in no hurry at all to fill your skip, hence making Easter Skip Bin Hire a stress free skip filling weekend.

When Should I Order a Skip Bin For Easter Weekend

Given the popularity of Easter Weekend, we recommend to jump in early and order at least one week in advance, to ensure that you can reserve a desired bin size and also desired time spot. Another reason to order bins in advance is the closure of Skip Hire Companies during Easter Weekend.  Hence, the last deliveries for Easter Weekend will be on Thursday, 1st April and next deliveries and pickups will occur on Tuesday, 6th April

Filling a Skip Bin During Warm Weather

One of the significance of the Easter Long weekend is that it is the last Public Holiday with the warm weather and next public holiday is in June, which will be in the middle of winter.  It is significantly easier to fill the bin during the warm and pleasant weather, as oppose to the middle of winter, when it's cold, raining and windy.  While plenty of our customers keep ordering skip bins all year around, it is a common knowledge that it takes faster to fill the skip bin when the weather is dry and mild.

Here are also some fun facts for filling your skip bin in a good weather.  While filling your bin on a sunny Easter weekend you can also obtain a nice sun tan and compensate for that Queensland holiday that you've missed out on.  Working outdoors allows you to get vitamin D, physical work produces serotonin (a happy hormone) and at the same time you are kicking goals of clearning your house, therefore its a win-win all around ;-).

Going on Holidays vs Clearing Your House

EasterAs we find ourselves in the COVID era, when short term Lock Downs are more common than a common cold, travel becomes very complicated and stressful. While some of us have attempted to book flights, accommodation, theatre tickets and the like, majority of us have experienced some sort of force major in our travel and entertainment plans.  Whether it's cancelled flights, your destination announced as a red zone, last minute border restrictions and similar COVID related issues, many Melbournians are opting to either travel locally in Victoria or just putting their travel plans on hold as we live in highly uncertain times as far as travel is concerned.

Since most of parents are already spending time with kids during Easter and associated school holidays, projects around the house have never been more popular or relevant as now.  It is far more productive to engage your kids in a household clean out, rather than stressing out about where you can't travel during school holidays.  Kids can be very helpful around the house and given the right motivation, can prove a real asset in your team to fill your skip bin with junk and renovation materials.

Filling a Skip Bin During Easter School Holidays

As Easter Long weekend usually falls at the beginning of April School Holidays, you will have additional man power (your kids) to assist you to fill the bin.  When you doing it as a team, the task is not as arduos and can be a lot of fun, while teaching your kids the art of declutter and teamwork.  School holidays is a lot of fun when you go away, however as the travel is very uncertain at the moment, more and more families are choosing to stay local, hence kids need to be occupied and preferrably with more than just playing with their friends online.kids helping to fill the bin

One of the useful projects your kids could assist with is to go through the decluttering of their room in addition to games cupboard or storage.  It's astonishing, how much useful space can be freed up through this exercise.  When we let go of the old, broken, unused and outdated things, inclusive of cloth, footwear, toys and gadgets, it shifts the energy in the house and is a win win for everyone.  Not only you are creating a valuable space but you will feel a relief on the energetic level and every time you will enter your kids bedroom or open a storage cupboard, you will have a smile on your face, as that is the effect of cleared and organised spaces.

From personal experience - as a parent of three children, I constantly engage my kids in decluttering exercises, be it kitchen cupboards, their wardrobes or game cabinets and the rewards are plentiful.  One of the biggest challenges of school holidays is an excessive amount of time our kids are exposed to screens and technology, hence by interrupting their day with useful projects will give them a physical activity to do, help you and also expose them to some vitamin D, which is inevitable when they step outside to throw stuff into the bin.

Organising Your Home Office During Easter Holidays

As Victoria is recovering and restructuring after COVID events of 2020, most people's employment had some sort of changes.  Majority of people who have worked in the offices have been working from home and are now transitioning to working some days in the office and some from home, depending on their organisation.

While working from home short term might be manageable, if you are settling down to work from home on an on-going basis, even if its a few days a week, you need to ensure a totally organised, conducive to a productive and healthy working environment.  Not only you need a space with privacy from your other household members and pets, you need to have an ergonomically organised space, to ensure no adverse health effects, such as sore back, shoulders, tired eyes and so on.  Most of us had to either renovate or completely re-organise some part of the house in order to create that work space for our home office.

Easter Holidays is an ideal time to do just this project.  With no rush to fill your skip bin, due to at least 10 days of bin hire at no additional charges from us, plus excellent weather and an army of your little helpers (if you have kids), your home office reorganisation project couldn't come at a better time.

In summary, Easter Holidays is the last long weekend in Melbourne, which is usually associated with great weather, school holidays and your family's availability.  The next public holiday is not until June, hence Melbournians are in a hive of activity during Easter and trying to fullfill their household projects and goals.

For any assistance with your upcoming project, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team on 1300 605 624 and we'll be sure to find you the right size Skip Bin to ensure all your waste is taken away on time and on budget.