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FAQ About Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne | Need a Skip Now

FAQ About Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne

Whether this is your first time ordering a skip bin or if you have ordered skip bins before, it is natural to have questions arise.

In this article we explore the burning questions that you may have, including what waste types can go into skip bins and how to accurately measure waste so that you order the perfect bin for your next project.

What can I put in a skip bin?

It all depends on the waste type that you have selected or if you haven't yet - you need to select the type of waste which will include all the Skip Bin Hire Melbournedifferent items that you need to dispose of.

For example, if you selected soil, concrete and bricks then the only materials that can go inside the bin are precisely: concrete, bricks and soil.

If you have selected the general waste type, then it is going to be general waste only. No soil or building materials, just general waste.

All the waste types are described in our waste type tab on our website which is needaskipnow.com.au, then click on waste types or for any information, give us a call on 1300 605 624 and we can explain all the different waste types.

What is a cubic metre?

Cubic metre refers to the measurement we use to measure the volume of the skip bin. Our skip bins range from our smallest skip bin which is 2 cubic metres all the way up to a 31 cubic metre bin.

To understand how you can estimate the correct volume of your waste and transfer it into cubic metres, you need to know the width, the length and the height of your rubbish pile. You need to either measure it or visually estimate it and convert it into cubic meters by multiplying the length x width x height. If in doubt, please contact our office on 1300 605 624.

What is the average size recommended for a household clean up?

This all depends on how big your house is and what type of clean up it is. If it is general tidy up or a garage clean up or a spring clean then we would typically recommend a 4-6 cubic metre bin. If on the other hand you are moving out of your house which you have lived in for the past 30 years then we would recommend a much larger bin, such as the 31 cubic metre bin.

If you can't decide between a 4 or 6 cubic metre sized bin you require, we recoemmend you go for the 6 metre as most of our customers underestimate the waste that they have and the higher you go, the cheaper it becomes per cubic metre.

It is therefore wise to go for the bigger bin as there is less chance of it being overfilled and you will get more value for money.

Skip Bin Hire MelbourneWhat is the maximum weight limit for skip bins?

This is a very valid question as most of our competitors in Melbourne have a weight limit on the bins.

This weight limit could be 2 or 3 tonne, depending on the size of the bin. At Need a Skip Now, we are different in the case that we do not impose weight limits on our bins ranging from 2 cubic metres all the way through to our 12 cubic metre bins.

Put simply, you do not need to worry about weight limit. Whatever can fit in the bin goes in and we take it away with no extra charges.

The only weight charges that we do impose are on our 21, 24 and 31 cubic metre bins between 4 and 5 tonne.

The reason for this is because we need to control the weight that we transfer on the road so that we do not break our trucks and/or any roads.


What happens if someone else uses or overfills my bin?

That is one of the concerns of our customers, especially if your skip bin is going on the road as you might have very sneaky neighbours who might want to help you fill your bin!

Firstly, where possible, we recommend that you cover your bin with an old rug, cardboard or an old shower curtain to prevent or discourage anyone else to use your bin.

Another tip is to not hold your bin for too long. It is best to collect your waste and fill it up fast and dispose of it quickly - that of course only applies if you live in an area where there is a concern.

If the bin is actually positioned in your driveway, you have a gate and really nice neighbours, then there is no limit on hire but if there is a concern then try to fill the bin quicker to discourage any "help" from your neighbours or passersby.

Can I change the delivery or pick up date of my skip bin?Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

Provided you give us 24 hours notice prior to the delivery, then yes, absolutely, you can change the date of delivery. hence, if your bin is being delivered on a Tuesday then you can call us or email us on the Monday and we can change the delivery date.

If however, you let us know once the truck is already on the way to your site or if we arrive at the site and you change your mind, then you may be liable for a transport fee as the delivery has already occured.

The key is to let us know 24 hours in advance and we can change the date of your delivery hassle free.

Pick up is exactly the same - please let us know 24 hours in advance and we will change the pick up date for you. The only thing to consider is, is if your bin is on the road and there is a council permit. If your council permit is expiring, then extending your pick up date might mean additional permit costs so that we do not get issued a fine.

Can you deliver a skip bin to my carport or garage?

Our marell bins which are offloaded by a marrell truck, which uses hydrolic arms to lift the bin up and then place it in position, cannot go under any carports because the hydroic arms needs height to move the bin up and down. Therefore, any roof of a carport or garage will prevent us from doing that.

However, if we are delivering a hook bin, which slides the bin off the truck in a 45 degree angle, it is possible for us to deliver under a carport or garage, provided that there is sufficient width for our truck and the dimensions of the property.

How to dispose of soil and what bin sizes are suitable for soil?

Skip Bin Hire MelbourneThis is one of the most controversial topics in 2022.

The bin sizes that can take soil are 2 cubic metres all the way through to 10 cubic metre skip bins. The reason why we do not go any higher than 10 cubic metres is because soil can get very heavy especially if it is wet soil.

When you fill a 12 cubic metre bin with wet soil it can literally break our truck when we try to pick it up. When purchasing a marrell bin a 2 - 6 cubic metre bin is what we recommend. An 8 - 10 cubic metre hook bin is what we recommend as they are delivered by a bigger and more powerful truck that will make it possible for us to safely pick up the bin.

Soil disposal is the most problematic waste type to dispose of. Soil is extremely highly regulated by EPA in Victoria. Therefore all the tipping yards have increased their regulation of soil and in some instances you have to prove that your soil is not contaminated.

If your soil comes from any industrial site or has been in the vicinity of an industrial site, you must produce a soil report, because without that report, no one will accept your soil.

Our customers who are landscapers and builders are generally dealing with residential soil. Even with residential soil, we must ensure that the soil is not contaminated, this includes no asbestos and no chemicals. If the soil is clean then it can only be mixed with concrete and bricks.

If you are a landscaper and you have additional materials to put in such as grass then that is fine. There are some materials that absolutely cannot be mixed with soil is general waste or construction waste as the soil will become contaminated and becomes extremely hard to clean.

Soil can also not be mixed with artificial grass. Artificial grass is extremely difficult to dispose of. That is one of the materials which is non recycable and will end up in landfill. Therefore if you have artificial grass, plase talk to us first and we may be able to provide a bin just for artifical grass and other waste.

Plaster and cement sheets are also a big no, no as the materials break down into small pieces and the soil gets mixed in and becomes impossible to clean. No tip will ever accept it or unless you are prepared to pay premium prices.

Hazardous materials such as asbesteos, liquids, solvents, any tiles, paint and paintings can also not be mixed with soil because that immediately contaminates the soil.

If in doubt, call our office on 1300 605 624 to check if you are able to mix soil with a certain waste type.

The best rule of thumb is soil can only go with concrete and bricks.

What can clay be mixed with?

Clay is also a type of soil that is found under the layer of soil. Clay is a wet and sticky material and sticks to absolutely every material. In reality, clay should not be mixed with any material - even soil as it makes it impossible to clean. If you must mix clay with another material, then clay can be mixed with concrete and the maximum bin size would be 10 cubic metres. We need to be extremely careful with clay so please do let our office know if you are thinking of disposing of clay prior to booking a bin with us.

If you have any other questions, we would be happy to assist you. Please check out our website or call our office on 1300 605 624 to speak to our team.