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FAQ About Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne 2023 | Need a Skip Now

Do you deliver skip bins to my suburb?

As we are based in the south eastern suburbs, we deliver up to 50 kilometer radius from our depot and deliver to most postcodes in Melbourne. However, to verify if your postcode is covered, please jump onto our website, type your postcode and you will be able to see straight away if we deliver to your suburb. If you live next to the suburb, please give us a call on 1300 605 624 and we will confirm if we can travel slightly further and get to your suburb.

How do I know which size skip bin I need?

If you are a visual person you can jump on our website and check out our page which shows all the sizes and dimensions. However, looking at a page is one thing and looking at your pile of rubbish is completely different.

Skip bins are measured in cubic metres. To measure cubic metres you multiply the length x width x height. So you need to imagine your pile of rubbish in a cube, if it isn't already put into a pile and estimate how long, wide and high it is. If you get stuck, call our team on 1300 605 624 and we will help you sort it out.

Skip bins come in a massive variety of sizes, from a mini skip which is 2 cubic metres, all the way up to a massive 31 cubic metre bin.

What if I do not have a driveway and need to leave the bin on the road or naturestrip?

If you do not have a driveway or your driveway is extremely narrow, like we have seen in the City of Yarra and suburbs like Prahran, Richmond and Albert Park, that do not cater for trucks to put skip bins in the driveway - then do not panic, it is not a problem at all.

We have placed multiple bins on the road or naturestrip and all that is required is two things.

Firstly, you need to reserve a space on the road for the truck to place the skip bin in the designated area. We advise you to park your car there in advance or leave some cones out to secure the space.

Secondly, we need to apply for a council permit. We, as a registered supplier, are registered with most councils in Melbourne, so applying for a permit is no issue. There is an extra fee involved in applying for a permit and each council charges completely different fees.The best idea is to call us on 1300 605 624 and we will advise you on how much your council charges for a permit.

Keep in mind that while some councils, like Stonnington or Kingston will allow bins on the road and naturestrip, other councils such as City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip and other councils, will only allow the skip bin to go on the road.

Can a skip bin damage my driveway?Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

A skip bin can damage a driveway but it will depend on a number of things.

First, if you are re-doing your driveway and have some gravel, then this question is irrelevant as there is no surface there to damage.

However, if you have just put in a brand new driveway and especially if it is exposed aggregate you really wouldn't want a skip bin on your brand new driveway.

Having said that, there are ways to protect your driveway. First of all, small skips hardly ever cause any reason for concern, because they are small and not that heavy. We always recommend to place a barrier between the driveway and the skip bin. Barriers would include: pieces of cardboard, pieces of timber or when booking with us, you can request that we bring timber to your project and we will place them under the bin to create a layer of protection.

If you are hiring a very big bin, 6 cubic metres and above, if you have any soil or bricks, then you need to consider that the bin will be very heavy. Some driveways are not industrial strength and therefore cannot sustain this weight. The real danger comes on the pick up. When we deliver a bin it is pretty light but on pick up a bin can be over a tonne in weight!

Therefore, if you are having concrete, bricks or soil in your bin and you are worried about your driveway, then we strongly recommend that you apply for a permit. Please do not risk your driveway - consider placing your bin on the road as an insurance policy.

Can I get my own skip bin permits?

Skip bin permits are only necessary for bins that are placed on council property -such as on a road or naturestrip (please check with us if your council allows for your bin to be placed on the naturestrip first).Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

Let's be honest, nobody likes to pay for council permits. Although our builders are regular customers are already used to council permits, people who are residents and have never ordered a bin before, and hear that not only do they have to pay for a bin but also a permit, canget quite upset.

Permit prices are set by councils and not by us, we just help with organising the permit for you.

Some customers may ask, can I get my own skip bin permit? The simple answer is - no.

In order to obtain your skip bin permit, you need to be a registerd skip bin supplier, you need to have an ABN, public liability insurance for a minumum of 10 million dollars and you need to be registered with the councils. If you are prepared to apply for all the specific details mentioned, then you are welcome to apply, however, 99.9% of customers apply through us as there is no need for you to go through all these registrations.

As we have all the insurances and regsitrations covered, leave the skip bin permit application to us while you get on with your project!

What skip bin type do I need?

We offer two types of skip bins - we offer marrell bins and hook bins. Marell bins are trapezoid shape bins and are suitable for most projects and come in 2 - 12 cubic metres. Marrell bins are delivered by a marrell truck and use hydrolic arms to lift the bin up and then slowly and gently position it behind the truck. The skip bin is then picked up in exactly the same fashion.

The other option is hook bins. Hook bins are low-sided, rectangular bin. To see the difference between the two bins, we recommend you jump onto our website to see all the shapes and dimensions of our bins.

Hook bins can carry a lot of weight as they are picked up by a hook truck. It is a different method of lowering the bin from a hook truck and the way the bin is placed on the surface is not as gentle as a marell bin. For this reason, we recommend that hook bins are placed on the road.

If you have a small project or a narrow driveway, then we suggest that you go for a marell bin.

The advantage over a hook bin and a marell bin is if you do not have the height clearance, for example, if you have a tree overhead your driveway or a carport or somewhere with limited height, then a marrell truck will not be able to deliver the bin. In this case, defintely go for a hook bin as a hook truck does not require as much height.

How high can I load the bin?

This is another way of askingSkip Bin Hire - can I over load the bin? The simple answer is - no you cannot.

You can only load the bin up to the rim. If you ordered a 4 cubic metre bin then you only paid for 4 cubic meters worth of waste, therefore the bin should only be filled to 4 cubic metres. In addition, when people overfill bins, it creates all sorts of issues.

It creates an issue with tarping the bin and transporting the bin, because ourt trucks can be pulled over by the police and we can get a fine for driving with an overfilled load. The load is not alwasy safe, even though we tarp it, materials can still escape under the tarp and hit another vehicle which could be disastrous.

So overfilling the bin is a big no, no.

In very specific circumstances, such as where there are no loose materials and the load it completely tied up, we might accept an overfilled bin but there will always be an extra charge. Therefore, we highly discourage overfilling your bin as it is not safe, puts our drivers and other motorists in danger and is against the law.

How long can I keep the skip bin?

Each company in Australia has different regultions and we are more lenient than others because our philosophy is simple - keep it until you fill it (with in reason of course).

Our customers who order bins from us on a weekly basis know that they will not be rushed to give their bin back. If you are going to be working on a long term project, then we will only pick up the bin when you let us know when to pick it up.

If on the other hand you are limited by a council permit and your bin is on the road or naturestrip then you might not want to pay for an extra permit to extend the skip bin hire. Our average bin hire time is 7 days, however, some people fill their bin in one day while some people fill it in 3 days. Some builders may be working on long term projects and we are happy to work with our customers if you need the bin for 1-2 months.

What if I am not finished with my skip bin by my pick up date?Skip Bin Hire

If you have a delivery on a Monday and a scheduled pick up on Friday but realise that day that you have not filled the bin, then it is too late for us to reschdule the pick up. If you have not finished filling your bin by the designated date, then you need to contact us at least 24 hours prior to the pick up date so that we can finalise the drivers schedules.

Drivers schedules are done a day before for the next day so we are completely organised by the morning. If a driver has arrived at your property and you tell us that your bin is not ready then unfortunately you will incur a dead trip fee. It will not only cost you money but cost us in transport costs and cause disruptions in our schedule.

Ultimately, communication is key so please let us know at least 24 hours prior to pick up should you wish to change your pick up date.

Can I get a skip bin delivered on a Saturday or Sunday?

We work 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. Therefore, yes, you can get a skip bin delivered on a Saturday but not on a Sunday. If you need a skip bin on a Sunday, then we would deliver it on a Saturday and pick it up whenever you are ready.

If you are starting your project very early on a Saturday, we recommend that you get your skip bin delivered on a Friday so that you do not leave any tradies waiting to fill the bin.

For any other questions please call our office on 1300 605 624 and we would be happy to help you with any skip bin queries.