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End Of Lease Clean Up Large Skip Bins Guide | Need A Skip Now

As Victoria once again finds itself in Lockdown number 2, the impacts of Melbournians working from home and commercial leases ending either as a result of business restructure or business shut down has reverberated throughout the Victorian Commercial Leasing Market.  Below is a list of recent trends have noticed and some tips on saving money on your end of lease Skip Bin Hire.

Retail End Of Lease Clean Up

The vacancy rate across the nation’s shopping malls is the highest in more than two decades as the coronavirus crisis accelerates a wave of store closures in a retail sector, which was already under challenge.  While some stores decided to remain closed such as Sports Girl, Sussan and Others, while negotiating rent with the landlord, other stores might never open and instead start trading predimonantly online. 

When it comes to retail store End of Lease Clean Up, one of the costs to consider is Rubbish Removal or Waste Disposal.  If your retail store is located within a shopping centre, most common place to put a skip bin is in the uderground car park, hopefully not far away from where you need to haul the rubbish from.  Its always best to check with Centre Management as to the allowable place for your Skip Bin to ensure that its not blocking any other deliveries.

In terms of type of bin we recommend a Hook Bin (low sided rectangular bin) instead of Marell Bin, as Hook Truck is better suited for access to the undeground shopping centre car parks.  Check out our Bins Dimensions to select the right bin for your project.

Office End of Lease Clean Up

If your office lease will not be renewed as a result of COVID19 impact on your business or for any other reason, there might be a lot of items that you wil need to dispose of, including but not limited to: old office furniture, old hardware, boxes, cardboard and similar paraphenalia.

Based on a number office clean ups where we have supplied our bins recently, we recommend customers to consider bulk bins in our range, between 21 cubic meters and 31 cubic meters.  Ordering a 31 cubic meters bin is cheaper than ordering 2 x 12 cubic meters bins, as by getting the largest bin, you only pay for delivery ones, where's to receive 24 cubic meters of volume, delivery component would be included in each bin delivered.  Here's a little breakdown of prices for you as an example only, to show the money saving tips on larger bins:

a 31 Cubic Meter Bulk Bin for General Waste for Moorabbin is $1287 (inclusive of GST).  Compare that to 12 cubic meter bin $857.  Hence if you were to get 2 x 12m3 bins, you would pay $1,714 and only be able to dispose of 24 cubic meters of waste, compared to $1287 for 31 cubic meters of waste. 

Therefore, larger bulk bins are far more beneficial for larger jobs, as each time the bin is delivered, there is a transport component included in the price and of cause it works out cheaper for driver to come only once instead of twice.  Same logic applies to smaller bins, like it's cheaper to order 1 x 6m3 skip bin for $547, compared to 2 x 3m3 skip bins, each $327 or $654 in total.  Give our friendly office a call if you need assistance working out the most budget friendly solution to your skip bin hire.  We are only a call away on 1300 605 624.

Factory or Warehouse End of Lease Clean Up

When it comes to large premises clean up, we definitely recommend to consider larger bins from 12 cubic meters up.  That would include:

  • 12 cubic meters marell and hook bins

21 cubic meters bulk bins12m3 hook bin hire

  • 24 cubic meters bulk bins &
  • 31 cubic meters bulk bins

One aspect with Factory Cleanups to consider is whether the bin is being placed outside, i.e. in your factories car park or whether you prefer the bin inside of your premises.  If the bin is going inside, we recommend discussing the dimensions of entry to your warehouse or factory, to ensure sufficient width and height for our trucks.  The dimensions of your entrance and ceiling height will also impact on whether you can have a marell bin or a hook bin.  For tighter spaces heigh wise - it is recommended to use hook bins (rectangular and low sided bins).

General Notes About Large Bins Usage

Larger bins are generally suited for more lighter waste, such as timber pallets, furniture, cardboard, timber off cuts, shelving and similar lighter items.  Should your project include disposal of heavy waste, such as: bricks, concrete, tiles, soil or a combination of heavy items, it is recommended not to exceed a 12 cubic meters size of bin, due to the weight limits allowable by Vic Roads on the public roads.

All large bins are walk-in bins, meaning they have at least one door, they can be loaded manually, with wheelbarrow or with machinery, depending on the dimensions of the bin.

All skip bins up to and inlcuding 12 cubic meters do not have any weight limit, as long as they are not overfilled above the rim of the bin.  However bins from 21 cubic meters up to 31 cubic meters have 5 tonne weight limit, included in the price and might attract higher fees should be the bin loaded with heavy materials.

We are here Monday to Saturday and would be delighted to answer any of your questions pertaining to Waste Disposal and Helping you  for you, call us on 1300 605 624 to discuss your project.