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Dear Customers

What Happens To Your Waste

With the worsening recycling crisis in Australia and a heightened awareness of general public about climate change and the importance of preserving our planet we thought that its only fitting that we update you on what's happening with each skip bin that you order from us, after we pick it up.

From the humble roots of our beginning in 2011, with only 30 bins in our fleet at that time, we had commence recycling process of each and every bin, the minute it would come back from customers site.  For the last 8 years, the environmental and business demands had ensured that we invested heavily into the sophisticated recycling facilities to ensure that no matter which Waste Type you Select - we can deal with each and every Waste Type in the bin that we hire out.

Now in 2019 we can say with conviction that our recycling facility, complete with advanced technology and recycling field professionals is as necessary to our business and service offering as a kitchen necessary to any restaurant.  Without the recycling facility we wouldn't be able to offer one of the most compteitively priced bins for hire in Melbourne Bayside and the South East. 

Here are just a few advantages and necessities of the recycling of each and every skip bin we hire out:

  • by separating the waste - we are able to separate recyclable from non-recyclable materials
  • by separating recyclable streams, we are able to offer a new life to materials, such as timber, metal, bricks, concrete, soil, paper and cardboard, plastics and many more
  • by minimising the amount of waste going to landfill - we are able to pass on the savings to our customers, which translates into significantly lower skip bin hire prices.  Example: while some of our 6m3 Skip bins start from $517, our competition offers 6m3 bins for over $600
  • by separating recyclable streams, we are able to offer DEEPLY discounted bins on recycled products, check out our waste types
  • by saving the recyclable materials from landfill and getting them ready for further processing we are playing a vital role in the circular economy, as per the commitment of the Victorian Government
  • By employing a large number of people in our recycling facility - we contribute to Victorian Employment and keeping people gainfully employed in a friendly and dynamic company

Our customers can rest assured that no matter the waste they are disposing of - we will be taking care of each and every bin as it is the only way we can keep Australia clean and help eliviate the Australian Recycling Crisis.  For your Waste Type consultation or skip bin quote - contact our friendly team on 1300 605 624, we look forward to speaking to you soon!