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Discounted Skip Bins for 100% Timber

Dear Customers

As per your frequent requests for single type recyclable materials  - we have introduced a new recyclable material waste type - 100% Timber! The great news are - as we recycle timber, we are able to offer significant discounts on Skip Bins for Timber only, provided there are no other materials in the bin.

To obtain a quote for any size bin for timber - please give our friendly office a call on 1300 605 624 or jump to our bin quote and booking page for a quote on bins from 2 cubic meters to 31 cubic meters bins for Timber.10 Hook Bin for Timber

The types of timber, suitable for 100% Timber Bin are outlined below:

  • Pine offcuts / Pallets
  • Hardwood offcuts / Pallets
  • Plywood / Marine Ply
  • Chipboard / Partical Board
  • MDF / Masonite / Fibre Board
  • Painted & Varnished Timbers

As most of our customers are aware, we specialise in a number of recyclable materials, thus offering skip bins for the following materials, inclusive but not limited to:

  • Concrete and Rubble Bins
  • Metal Bins
  • Cardboard and Paper Bins
  • Mixed Heavy Bins
  • Green Bins
  • Concrete / Bricks and Soil Bins
  • 100% Soil Bins

All single recyclable waste types skip bins are deeply discounted and are a great value for money, when your process or project allows materials separation.  If there is no such luxury to separate the materials - the best option for mixed materials could be Mixed Heavy Waste type, which allows you a freedom to mix various building materials.

For any assistance with selecting the right waste type for your skip bin - please give us a call on 1300 605 624 or jump online to generate and instant quote and book a bin.  Whether it's 100% Timber or Soil bin or any other waste type that you need to dispose of - we would be happy to assist!