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Different Skip Sizes and Knowing Which Size To Order | Need A Skip Now

What Are The Different Skip Bin Sizes on Offer

Need a Skip Now offers a very wide range of Skip Bin sizes, from 2 cubic meters mini skip, all the way up to 31 cubic meters bulk bins.  All the Skip Bin Sizes on Offer are as follows:

  • 2m3 mini skip with no door
  • 3m3 mini skip - with walk-in door
  • 4m3 mini skip - with walk-in door
  • 6m3 Skip Bin - mini skip - with walk-in door - our Best Seller
  • 8m3 Skip Bin (Marrell) and Hook Bins - both with a walk in door
  • 10m3 Skip Bin (Marrell) and Hook Bins - both with a walk in door
  • 12m3 Skip Bin (Marrell) and Hook Bins - both with a walk in door
  • 21m3 bulk bin - with a door, suitable for general and light waste
  • 24m3 bulk bin - with a door, suitable for general and light waste
  • 31m3 bulk bin - with a door, suitable for general and light waste

No matter, what your project is, with over 200 bins in our stock, we are sure to help you select the right size bin for your project.

What is the Best Skip Bin Size for Bathroom or Kitchen Reno

If you are renovating your bathroom or kitchen - the minimum bin sizes to consider are 3 cubic meters and 4 cubic meters bins. The bin size will also depend on the size of your renovation, for example - if you are only changing the floors or the walls, like re-tiling then maybe you could get away with a 3m3 skip, however if you are completely gutting the place and replacing absolutely everything, you might need a 6 cubic meters bin, if you have a large kitchen. 4m3 Skip Bin for Renovation

Depending on who is packing the bin, there are ways to get your value per each cubic meter if you flatten and disassemble as much as possible of your furniture, like kitchen cabinets for instance.  In the event of someone just throwing stuff into the bin "as is" - you might need a significantly larger bin size, as space will not be utilised effectively.

For some significant kitchen remodelling projects, our customers have ordered up to 12 cubic meters bins, as walls had to be moved, a few structural changes were involved and hence more waste to dispose of.  From price point of view - if you have a large project in your kitchen or doing kitchen & bathroom at the same time, getting a larger bin is more price effective than a few smaller bins.  We'll take Moorabbin suburb as an example:

6m3 skip bin for mixed reno waste is $817 (inclusive of GST).  So if you needed 2 bins for your project, it would be $1,634 for 2 bins.

An alternative for a large project is to order 1 x 12m3 hook bin (Moorabbin price $1,277) hence you are still getting 12 cubic meters, but saving $357 on bin hire, as each bin delivery includes a transport component.  Hence it's cheaper to deliver 1 larger bin than a few smaller ones.

What is the Best Skip Size for Gardening or Landscaping Waste

If you are remodelling your garden or back yard, the size of the bin will depend again on the size of your project. For some small projects, where you might just have a clean up, but certainly have way more waste than to fill your Council Green Bin, you can get away with our smallest mini skip - 2 cubic meters.  This bin doesn't have a walk in door, hence if you have very heavy items, such as rocks, boulders, concrete or soil, where you need to use a wheelbarrow to fill the bin, then we recommend a 3 cubic meters mini skip, which comes with a door.

All bin sizes from 3 cubic meters and up are coming with a door.  For larger landscaping projects, minimum skip size is 6 cubic meters, which is our best seller and can take any waste type, due to its durability and very user friendly dimensions.

Bin for Garden WasteFor large landscaping projects, our customers have ordered a number of swap overs, meaning once your bin is full, we arrive with an empty bin and take away the full bin.  The largest size bins for heavy materials, such as: concrete, rocks, soil, bricks and so on is 10 cubic meters or 12 cubic meters, depending on the combination of material.  Any larger size would be too heavy for trucks to lift and will also exceed the payload on Victorians roads, which is governed by police.

One more aspect to consider when hiring bins for very heavy waste is their placement.  If a very heavy bin of any size from 6 cubic meters and up is placed on your driveway, there might be issues on a pickup as your driveway must hold a weight of bin and a weight of truck.  If your driveway is old and you don't particularly mind then it's fine.  However if you already know that your driveway is either: brand new or fragile or made from explosed aggregate, then we strongly encourage to place any heavy bins on a road, instead of your driveway.  Placing bins on a road will attract a City Council Permit fee, however it is still under $200 in most councils and is still significantly cheaper than the risk of damaging your driveway.

Council Permits for Skip Bins

In a case of you deciding to place a bin on a road or a nature strip, we would organise a permit with your respective council on your behalf and charge you the price of a permit.  Permit pricing and rules vary greatly between councils, some allowing placement on both: roads and nature strips, while others only allowing placements on roads.  Some councils charge daily fees plus an application fees, while others a fixed weekly fee.  As a registered Supplier with most Melbourne City Councils, we are on top of all the rules and prices for permits so for an instant quote on your permit, please call our friendly team on 1300 605 624 and we'll organise everything swiftly and smoothly for your project.

What is the Best Skip Bin Size for Moving House

An absolute minimum skip size for your house move - would have to be a 6 cubic meters bin, unless you are a complete minimalist and have never accumulated any junk and have hardly any items that you no longer need.  Of cause the bin size will depend not only on your your property size but also on your family size.  Usually, for families with kids, who are moving houses, a minimum recommended bin size is 12 cubic meters marell bin, which works out to be cheaper than 2 x 6 cubic meters bins ordered separately.

Skip bin Hire for Moving HouseFor very large house moving projects, such as  - moving your parents to a retirement village or cleaning up a deceseased estate, where people have lived for many many years, we recommend a 21 cubic meters or a 31 cubic meters bin.  These bins are very large and are absolute favorite with our clean up companies, who deal with hoarders clean ups or large families house moves.  From price point - our largest bins represent the best value for money.  For example: 2 x 12 cubic meters bins for general waste for Highett 3190, would cost $2,234 and would give you a total of 24 cubic meters capacity.  Compare that to 31m3 bulk bin for Highett @ $2,077, where you get 7 cubic meters more and also save $157 on this project.  In addition, if you compare the price per cubic meter of a 12m3 bin $93.08 vs price per cubic meter of a 31m3 bin $67, then it's obvious that you save money on larger bins.

While we've only covered a couple of projects above, we would love to discuss your specific project with you, as there is a large variety of project, for which our customers require skip bins and each one unique and different.  We can be easily reached on 1300 605 624 during business hours and our friendly team will help you select the right size skip bin for your specific project.

Please note, the prices in this blog are relevant as at May 2023, however they are subject to change as the economy fluctuates. Use this a guide or example only as larger bins will always be more cost effective than multiple smaller bins.