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Deep Discounts for Recyclable Waste Bin Hire

Dear Customers

As many of you have already noticed, it is no longer enough to have skip bin hire options of General Waste or Green Waste.  As Australia is hoping to move towards the circular economy in recycling and waste management processes - it is imperative that skip bin hire operators are able to offer various choices to their customers in regards to not only bin size and shape but also various types of waste collected and associated prices.Deeply Discounted Bin for 100% Concrete

By operating our own Waste Transfer Station - allows our company to sort, separate, recover and assist in giving new life to recyclable waste such as: soil, timber, concrete, bricks, green waste, cardboard, metal, plastic and so on.  When our customers order a single waste type bin, for example: 100% soil bin or 100% concrete bin, they are rewarded by the deeply discounted prices on single waste type.  There are various combinations of waste offered on our website, hence we recommend to check the waste description carefully so that you select the right waste type for your bin.  If you don't feel like browsing through our website - our friendly customer service team is on standby  - ready to answer any of your questions Monday to Saturday on 1300 605 624.

Need a Skip Now offers various bin sizes and shapes from 2 cubic meters mini skips all the way up to 31 cubic meters walk in bulk bins.  However not all waste types are suitable for just any bin.  For instance - for a very heavy bin, full of concrete, rocks or soil - we recommend to go up to a maximum of 10 cubic meters hook bin.  To have answers to these and other bin hire questions - please give us a call and we'll assist you to select the right type and size bin for your project.

We look forward to speaking to you soon and finding skip bin hire discounts for you, should your waste type be consistent of only recyclables.  We are also able to assist with any other non-hazardous waste types, with one of our specialties being Mixed Heavy or Builders Waste.