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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Skip Bin Hire | Need A Skip Now

Dear Customers

We would like to start with the most burning question that everyone has been asking us for the past few weeks:

Is Skip Bin Hire Open During COVID-19 Business Operation Restrictions

A Simple Answer to this is a resounding YES! As soon as the first phase of non-essential services was announced and businesses started to worry, we of cause were no different to other businesses and to our relief have confirmed that being part of not only a construction industry, as we support builders, landscapers, trade and households, we are also part of waste management and recycling industry, as we operate our waste transfer station.  Hence our services are categorised as ESSENTIAL, which allows us to continue our operation and continue delivering, picking up skip bins from our customers.

We of cause had to make a number of adjustments to our operation to ensure that our drivers, our recycling team and our customers are safe and observing social distances during skip bin deliveries and pickups.

What Do I need To Do Differently When Hiring a Skip Bin During COVID-19

One thing that hasn't changed is our skip bin ordering process, it is still very easy to obtain a Skip Bin Quote online or over the phone on 1300605624 with our friendly customer service team and seamlessly book your skip bin.  Payment has always been handled either online when you book via our website or over the phone with your credit card or via EFT (electronic funds transfer) so that there is no cash exchange or any risk of transferring a virus during payment exchange.

When our driver arrives to your site - please keep your social distance of at least 1.5m and certainly don't attempt to shake drivers hand :-).  Our drivers are now wearing gloves so hand shaking would be prohibitive as well.  If you prefer not to be on site, we recommend to describe the bin placement position to us over the phone or in the delivery notes section if you are placing your skip bin order online.

If you have gates - please leave your gates open for our drivers, provided you don't have pets or small children or alternatively please don't forget to provide a gate code for our drivers.SKIP BIN HIRE during COVID-19

We also strongly recommend to use gloves when filling your bin, as it doesn't only protect your hands from potentially sharp materials but certainly is a good hygiene when working with waste and skip bins.

I used to use Rubbish Removal Services for My Business, How is Skip Bin Hire Different During COVID-19

Based on the different nature of the service, rubbish removal service involves a team of people coming into your premises or a work site and removing unwanted objects, rubbish, left overs and so on.  Due to social distancing rules, it has become increadibly difficult to accommodate teams of people in your home or workplace as it's not always possible or practical to ensure sufficient distances between the people.

Based on the above, Skip Bin Hire is a service, where the driver leaves a bskip in outside of your premises without coming into your home or business and you then can load the bin at your leasure without any crowds or teams of people intefering and potentially transferring a virus.

To ensure that those customers who used to rely on Rubbish Removal might find Skip Bin Hire a more time consuming process as now they have to do it themselves, we have removed any limitation on short term bin hire and allow our customers to hold the bins for as long as it takes them to fill the bin and will only pick it up once customer confirms that bin is full.

Are You Open During Easter Public Holidays for Skip Bin Hire

Usually we are closed on public holidays however as a result of increased households clean ups, more people working from home, more people renovating or adapting their homes to create home offices and make life more comfortable for more family members there, we are making an exception this year and will be open for Skip Bin Deliveries During Easter 2020 Public Holidays.

We have maged to secure one driver to service our customers during Easter Weekend and below are the dates deliveries can be booked for:

  • Friday 10th April - Good Friday - Open for Deliveries
  • Saturday 11th April - Easter Saturday - Open for Deliveries
  • Sunday 12th April - CLOSED
  • Monday 13th April - Open for Deliveries

Due to Easter Weekend traditionally being one of the busiest weekends of the year for Skip Bin Hire, we recommend to reserve your Skip Bin Early, to ensure that you get the date of your delivery and the required size of the Skip Bin, as some bin sizes are more popular than others in certain times.

To Secure your Skip Bin - we recommend jumping online and booking via our secure website or if you prefer to chat to us first - call us any time during Monday to Friday 7am to 4.30pm or Saturday 8am-11am on 1300 605 624.

We sincerely hope that you stay safe during COVID-19 and we would like to assure you that should you require a skip bin hire service during this time to support your project - we are here for you.