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Can I Place a Skip Bin on a Road?

One of the frequently asked questions is whether a Skip Bin can be placed on a Road or a Nature Strip, if customers don't wish to place it in their driveways.

In most properties (apart from busy arterial roads), you are allowed to place a bin on a road, provided that you have paid for a Permit from your Local Council.  Some Councils allow placement not only on a road, but on a nature strip as well.

So why would someone want to place a bin on a road, if they have to pay for it?  There is a multitude of reasons, most common being:

  • driveway is too narrow (we need at least 2.8m wide entrance)
  • overhanging trees, which prevent the truck from entering without breaking the mirrors or tree branches
  • brand new driveways (especially with exposed aggregate)
  • low-hanging power lines or cables
  • apartment buildings with no driveway
  • no space in a driveway due to carport
  • large bins, filled with heavy materials and the possibility of damaging the driveway

If you have any concerns about placing a bin on your driveway and have any one of the above reasons, please give us a call to discuss, as it is much cheaper to pay for a council permit, rather than paying later for repairs to your driveway.

As a Registered Supplier with most City Councils in Melbourne, we will obtain a permit on your behalf, all you have to do is pay for permit cost (plus GST) and reserve the space on a road if you are in a busy street.

Please contact us for any other questions you might have about your council and the fees for Skip Bin permits on a Road.

We look forward to delivering your next Skip Bin in Melbourne!