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Australian Recycling Industry Crisis and What We Are Doing About It

Dear Customers

Since the beginning of the 2018, since the country's recycling industry was shaken up by the news of China's Ban on Australia's Rubbish Exports, all the media has been screeming about the Recycling Industry Crisis in Australia.

There are undoubtably major impacts on all the players in the recycling industry in Australia and of cause there will be and already are flow on impacts on the Melbourne, Victoria and Australian residents, in a way of increased costs of their council rates, curbside recycling and so on.

The real question is - what are we doing about this Recycling Crisis and are our practices making a positive impact or any impact at all.Rubble Recycling

We are pleased to advise that once your bin is picked up and taken to our Waste Transfer Station - the following practices are employed in order to minimise the waste taken to the landfill and maximise the life of the materials in the following way:

  • Once Bins arrive to our depot - they are tipped onto a sorting concrete pad and waste is sorted into the following categories:
    • Metal
    • Soil
    • Timber (is further sorted into various types of timber)
    • Green Waste
    • Plastics
    • Paper
    • Glass
    • Ewaste
    • General Waste
    • bricks
    • Concrete
    • Rubble
  • Some materials are placed into designated bins and taken then further to the specialised recycling centres, such as Timber Recyclers, Plastic Recyclers, Green Waste Recyclers, Metal Recyclers and so on.
  • Other materials are placed into our Recycling Trommel and Further processed to achieve some clean products, such as:
    • top soil
    • clean bricks
    • clean concrete
    • Rubble

As a result of the above practices - we are diverting all of the above products and materials away from the landfill and giving them a future life by completely separating them from other materials and taking them to specialised places, which will re-purpose, recycle, upcycle and re-use the materials.  One easy example is Soil, which is re-purposed into various types of soils, which will be suitable for various markets, such as Landscapers, Builders, Renovators, etc.

Another example of repurposing and giving a future life to products is Concrete and Bricks, which once processed - forms a perfect road base for new roads and is purchased by major road bulding companies as a recycled product.

All our customers should feel confident that when they hire a bin from Need A Skip Now - their rubbish will be processed in accordance with the latest technologies and with the aim "towards zero waste" as per the Victorian Government Objective.

For any questions on recycling and skip bin hire - please don't hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 1300 605 624!