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5 Weeks Till Xmas Skip Bin Hire Planning

Dear Customers

As we find ourselves almost at the end of the 2018 with only just over 5 weeks to go till Xmas, it is no surprise that apart from your holiday shopping and kids camp booking, its important to plan for your skip bin hire leading up to a holiday season.

From the experience of previous festive seasons, one theme that replays itself over time is the last minute panic that your project needs to be completed before Xmas, before all the builders and tradies will take off for almost the whole of January and it is more critical than ever to start planning for your project deadlines now.Xmas Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

The usual projects that customers are focused on could be - finishing stages of your home construction, the completion of your renovation, completing that gardening or landscaping project or preparing your house for sale and last but not least - preparing for your house move.

In all of the above circumstances it is critical to make sure that you have organised a skip bin to ensure all the waste associated with your project is being loaded into the bin and not on the ground, so that there is no double handling.  Most Skip Bin Hire companies are double or triple booked over the holiday season and hence - booking your bins well in advance of the delivery day will ensure that you receive the bin size required for your project and ensure that you can book the time of day, when you need your bin.

While most skip bin hire is limited to 3-4 days hire, after which additional charges for rental will be accrued, we are happy to announce that as a thank you to our customers for supporting us throughout the year, we will be offering an extended bin hire period for up to 7 days of hire with no additional charges, to ensure you have plenty of time during the public holidays to fill your bin.  To take advantage of this special offer, book your December Bins prior to 30th November 2018.  Please Call us on 1300 605 624 to discuss your bin hire needs and we'll ensure that you have the right type and size of bin or bins booked for your project.

We look forward to being on your team of your pre-Xmas project completion countdown and making sure your waste management is taken care of, with the help of the advance planning, starting now :-)