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4 Ways of Reducing Your Skip Bin Hire Price

Since 1st July 2012 all tipping and landfill companies around Melbourne, Victoria have increased their prices, due to the introduction of a Carbon Tax.  Therefore, it has become more expensive for skip bin hire companies to get rid of the rubbish.

We however would like to let our customers in on a little insider secret of how to keep your skip bin hire price to a minimum.  Here's at least 4 ways of keeping your price low:

1 - separate your waste.  A single type of waste is always cheaper per cubic meter than a mixed type of waste

2 - Don't overfill your bin.  Many truck operators are now installing scales into their trucks and can immediately tell when their bin is over-filled, thus will charge the customer extra on a spot. For example a two cubic meter skip bin of General Waste should weigh approximately 500kg, therefore if your bin is much heavier than that, most operators will charge you extra.

3- if you ordered a skip bin for single type of waste (for example - General Domestic waste) then please don't add extra items, such as bricks, concrete, soil and rocks, as it will be easily detectable.  Once the skip bin supplier will lift your bin back onto his truck and weigh it, if its over the expected weight of general waste, he will know that there are bricks, soil and other heavy types of waste underneath the general waste.  Therefore, instead of being charged for single type of waste, you will be charged for mixed waste, much more per cubic meter.

4 - if you have two types of waste (for example Green Waste and General Waste) - order two separate skip bins, therefore you will be charged the minimum price per cubic meter on each skip bin, as each skip bin will be filled with one type of waste only.

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.