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Six Risks Of Cheap Skip Bins | Need A Skip Now

Should I Order The Cheapest Skip Bin

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from customers is: how much is a Skip Bin?  The price itself doesn't tell a full story and if you don't ask additional questions, you might set yourself up for a very dissapointing experience, both timewise and budget wise.  There are a number of critical questions to ask from a Bin Supplier, when obtaining a Skip Bin Quote so that you can compare the suppliers based on the most important factors.

EPA Victoria has published a very important article in 2019, titled "How To Hire A Skip Bin - Your Responsibilities" and one of the main points there was to be aware of very cheap prices for Skip Bins.  One of the major concerns of EPA is of cause Illegal Dumping and when the price sounds too low to be true, EPA suggests to ask the following questions from a potential bin supplier:

  1. Ask Skip Bin Supplier how they get rid of Waste
  2. Don't use Skip Bin Supplier if they can't prove that they use a licensed facility to dispose of waste

In addition to the above, we also suggest to consider the following questions:

1 - What happens to my bin, once it leaves my house / building or construction site

2 - How Many Days of Hire does your price cover

3 - Are there any limitations on the weight of the bin

4 -Do you have a customer support centre (it is especially critical if you are a business and service is important to you)

5 - Can you guarantee a pickup on a given date

Like with everything else in the market place - you get what you pay for.  We will now discuss the most common 6 Risks of Hiring Very Cheap Skip Bins and what to look out for.

Risk 1 - Illegal Waste Dumping

One of the biggest costs that go into Skip Bin Hire Price is the cost of Waste Disposal.  If you are speaking to a brand new Skip Bin Supplier, that you've never dealt with before, one of the most important questions to discuss is how they deal with the waste, the minute the bin leaves your premises.  For instance, here at Need a Skip Now, we always talk about our process of dealing with the waste and make it very clear to our customers that the minute their bin is picked up from their premises, it goes straight to our waste recycling facility, where a dedicated team of our waste recyclers are going to separate all the materials from the bin, put some materials through the recycling trommel, further clean and separate and then take each separate material to a further dedicated facility, which might recycle the waste further.

Therefore, when the quote for bin hire is very cheap, compared to the competition, this is one of the signs that the supplier is not disposing of waste in a legal way.  If the Bin Supplier cannot articulate what the process of waste disposal is - you can always ask for receipts of their waste disposal and you need to check that they dispose in a licensed facility, which is authorised to receive waste.

In order to research your supplier, its important to order directly from the supplier and not from the Price Comparison Website, which might pose as a skip bin supplier.  The danger of ordering via Price Comparison Website is that it will run an algorithm and select "The Cheapest Bin" however by that time you will already have put in your credit card details and effectively have purchased a "cat in the bag" as only once you pay for the bin, will the system reveal who your bin supplier is.

Hence, to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate Bin Supplier, who disposes of waste in a legal way, you need to ensure that you are ordering from a supplier directly and ask all of the above questions first, before moving on to other questions.

Risk 2 - Incomplete Price Disclosure

It is a common practice when you call to get a quote for a Skip Bin, that bin supplier will give you a price EXCLUSIVE OF GST.  You might then call another supplier and get a price (inclusive of GST).  Hence, you are automatically getting a perceived  10% cheaper price, while in reality it is not. 

GST is only one of the factors to consider when trying to compare skip hire quotes from various suppliers. 

Risk 3 - Minimum Tonnage Coverage

One of the unpleasant "surprises" you can ge ton a pickup of your bin is when the supplier will tell you that your bin is too heavy and you are required to pay for extra tonnage on a pickup. 


Risk 4 - Time Limitation on Bin Hire


Risk 5 - Non Existent Customer Service


Risk 6 - Not Enough Drivers

One of the pitfalls of very cheap bin hire is that the provider is a one man operator, trying to sell bins very cheaply out of desparation, however doesn't have the operational capacity to deliver on service.  One of the biggest complains we hear about in the industry is that while bin has been delivered, the customers couldn't organise a pickup.  Various excuses were given, such as truck breakdowns, traffic issues, busy schedule or